Thursday, 17 May 2018

MAC Prep & Prime Lip Primer

Having been wearing lipstick for over 5 years now, I have tried and tested a selection of brands and can safely say I now have a staple favourite. That being said I used to wear MAC religiously, the feel and smell of them alone were enough to make me want more.

The main reason for my change was the fact that I had to look into gluten free makeup, as a Coeliac I never realised it was in there. Obviously, if it is on your lips it can go to your hips as they say, and by that, they mean you ingest it. My views on MAC Lip products are still the same however, they are well worth the cost and do the job. 

The Lip Prep & Prime retails for £14.00 and is a colour free base worn under or over lipstick. It adds light moisture, smooths and refines the lips.

My Verdict

I genuinely believe it prolongs lipstick wear, stops your lips from bleeding and makes application super easy, the lipstick just glides onto your lips.

I would say that one stick will last around 2-3 months depending on use, I used to use it every day at least twice a day.

My overall verdict is that this is a must in your makeup bag!

Originally Published August 2015.

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