Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Invisi bobble Review

I have been meaning to do this review for a long time. I have had a pack of brown invisi bobbles for about a year or more now and always have one on my wrist without fail. These are amazing! 

So with my new colour change I decided to get a pink pack! 

From the image below you can see the original size of the band compared to one that is constantly on my wrist. They do shrink back to their original size so long as you leave them laying somewhere for a long period say over night. 

So what does the invisi bobble do? Well it is not invisible when it is in your hair, which is what the majority of people think when they see the name. 

This hair band is called an invisible band because it doesn't leave a kink in your hair when worn for normal activities. I have found that if I go for a run or have a hot shower or bath that I am left with a kink, however in majority of cases the kink will fall out if your hair isn't majorly sweaty. 

So overall I love this hair band and cannot recommend it enough, yes it leaves a kink when you have done strenuous activities, but what doesn't when you're all sweaty and hot. However if you're just wanting to shove your hair up when you're a little too hot or need to clean or are simply doing your make-up then this is an awesome product to not leave you with an annoying kink. 


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