Monday, 30 November 2015

H&M Haul November 2015

I fancied treating myself and getting some new clothes especially with the colder months now here. Jumpers are a must have and a good pair of skinny jeans are always a good shout for any outfit. 

First of all is this lovely salmon coloured butterfly top at £7.99, it's a tiny bit short and just covers the top of your jeans. It's both loose fitting and tighter in the top. The material is very soft, although this top is slightly thin it is warm because of the long sleeves. It's a perfect autumn top when paired with some skinny jeans. 

Next is this basics range red/plum coloured jumper, at £9.99. It's lovely and soft and isn't too thick or thin, just about the perfect material for transitioning into winter. I love the back detail with a seam down the middle. Again this paired with some skinny jeans is a perfect winter outfit. I really like the colour too and was glad to add some colour in my wardrobe normally always buy grey/ black colours. 

These jeans are so soft and a pretty colour for only £14.99 I was sold! They fit really well and can be paired with mostly anything. 

Finally I got this top on sale for only £7 when it was supposed to be £14.99. The material is very thin and soft. It's a really baggy jumper however looks lovely on.  I am a massive fan of baggy jumpers now I am a little older and this defiantly fits that description. 

Overall I am so pleased with my little shopping spree and can't believe the amount of stuff I git for around £40! H&M is a great middle range priced shop and is similar to Forever 21 another of my favourite shops! 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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