Monday, 21 December 2015

DIY Watercolour Cup

The Around this time of year, near Christmas I get quite crafty and try to find ideas on what I can make people for Christmas presents. I stumbled upon the water colour cup when I was searching Sharpie cups. These struck me as they are very different and quite pretty. Perfect present for women and girls. 

Things you need to know before starting, you will need a plastic bowl deep enough for your cup to fully immerse in, you need to note that this bowl may become covered in nail polish so be sure you don't mind about the damage. 

You also need nail polish, now this took me a few try's to figure out which nail polishes I could use. You do not want to use quick drying for this task as time is precious. 

You also need a cup, this can be plain or coloured whatever you choose. 

So once I had found my perfect nail polishes I filled the bowl with cold water.

I then made the water ripple by swirling my finger in the centre, whilst this is swirling you want to POUR your nail polish in in a swirling motion, and wait a few seconds then dip your cup in. At this point you will see the colours grip the cup, then slowly lift the cup out and voilĂ . 

Now if you're unhappy with your result simply get some nailpolish remover and clean the cup up and repeat the process again, remembering to first clean the bowl out and get fresh water. 

When you have the desired finish, you need to leave the cup for about 4 hours to dry. 

Once that is done you can now give your gift to whomever you wish or keep it for yourself. Just remember to make whoever will be using the cup aware that it is no longer microwave or dishwasher safe!! Also it will need to be cleaned with care no scourer sponges. 

And there you have it my final article, I have added some extra design to it using my Porceliane Pens to create an extra unique look. See my DIY Personalised Cup Blog.

I love it do you? 


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