Thursday, 31 December 2015

My Christmas Present Haul 2015

I have seen so many Christmas Present Haul Posts that I thought I would do my first one, and as decadently put as my fellow Blogger Christie, it is a shame that I need to clarify that this is not me in any way bragging. If you feel that it is then please don't wind yourself up by reading on; I am fully aware that there are many people in the world with nothing, however I do not feel that should stop someone from sharing what they received from their loved ones.

This year has got to be my best bar far, even though I have had some bad times they have lead me to a great place in myself and to someone very special to me, even though we have only been dating a few weeks it just feels so right. I have been very spoilt this year and am ever so grateful for all my gifts, and am so thankful that everyone know me so well. I won't write about everything that I received, however you can see for yourself what the missing items are. 

I just wish I had taken pictures of what I had given to all my friends and family.

As you can probably tell I am mad for Minions and last year I was spoilt with Minion items and this year it seems the theme has continued. 

These suede boots are absolutely amazing, from Forever 21, they are now my favourite boots. I am just awaiting the opportunity to wear these beauties. 

I love stationary and I was very thankful to receive a Paperblanks 2016 Diary, perfect for my main aim this new year to be more organised. I also got a pretty scarf and bag perfect for going out. 

I am sure Harley (my Dog) did much better than me this year, which is absolutely fine by me as many of my friends and family will know what makes her happy makes me doubly as happy. 

I was very happy to receive a new compact mirror an item I was in desperate need of, I mean what girl can go anywhere without one of these, and I love the design. A standard gift is smells and this Guess Dare set is just gorgeous, such a lovely sweet scent and a Soap & Glory gift set, with a new body puff. I was also in need of a new cup, and I loved my personalised mug. 

One gift I was not expecting was from the one person I will name, Tye the guy I am currently seeing, he showed up with a gift on Christmas Eve... What did he get do you say, well he got me these beautiful rose gold Ted Baker Earrings, they are perfect and they are even Nikel Free something he would not have known I am allergic too. 

I was happy to open up, sorry Harley opened up this Nylabone, something she was in desperate need of. I also got a Woodwick Candle in Candy Cane Cupcake and a Sew your own Heart Kit, I was really happy to get this what with my new sewing hobby. 

One gift I am forever happy to receive and do get without fail every year is atlas one pack of American sweets, Gushers, they may sound rank but they are the best sweets in the whole world!!! I should know I have a major sweet tooth and have tried a lot of sweets in my time. They are also Gluten Free, something I was ecstatic about when I found out I was a Coeliac. 

I also treated myself to a Christmas present, a New Nikon Coolpix Camera P610, The picture quality is absolutely amazing, as you can see from the picture of myself and Harley. 

All of my gifts were perfect and I will be using every single one and cannot wait to make my Minions up. They are so Awesome! I am very Lucky to have all the wonderful people in my life and for them to know that I would want things for Harley too.


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