Monday, 28 December 2015

Ugg Simmons Waterproof Boots

With the winter months upon us I thought it was about time I invested in some new waterproof walking boots which were still stylish and warm!

I decided to browse the UGG collection and came across these lovelies. They look gorgeous on and off, especially with some skinny jeans. 

The inside is lined with a polyester fleece material with the sheepskin inner sole, keeping you feet toasty.

I have tried and tested these and my dog has even decided to use them as a foot stool to get into the car, needless to say I wasn't happy until I realised the muddy paw print was not sticking and had practically dripped off. So they have proven to be waterproof!

The soles have an amazing tread which means I shouldn't slip and slide on ice very easily (she says).

These retail at £130.00 which is fairly decent for UGG's.

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  1. Great advice; I have been looking for sizing tips for hiking boots and this information was very helpful. I just purchased a pair of waterproof boots from and they fit as promised.

    1. Hey Alex, went on that website that you posted:
      And all i can say that it's an amazing website with lots of variety of boots to choose from. Especially those leather waterproof boots will be good for hiking, check them out:


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