Saturday, 2 January 2016

25 Facts About Me

I thought I would do something a little bit different and give you all a chance to learn a little bit about me. Some of which most people don't know and some people know all too well. I hope you enjoy the read.

1. I’m a Coeliac, have Reynaud’s Disease and suffer from Chronic Headaches. These can be a right pain and I have to take medication and have had to change my whole diet. You can check out my rant here. 

2. I am allergic to Plasters and Nickel. Yep that's right I have to carry around my own plasters and makes you look such a dork. 

3. I suffer from anxiety, which means that I often wear a confidence mask. I never used to be as bad as I am now until my Ex. I will pretend to be confident and always hyper to give the façade that I am confident and out there.

4. I can also be a little mental at times, where I become extremely hyper and can seem like I am on one. So I guess most people won’t know the difference between when I am putting it on or when I am actually just going a little mental. I have often been told on a night out that I am not allowed to drive home because I am wasted, when in reality I am T Total!

5. I never drink alcohol! Why? Because ever since I became a Coeliac it makes me feel really ill, my right arm goes dead and I get a horrible pain in my chest. Plus I get drunk on the atmosphere so I don't need it. 

6. I can be very abrupt and speak before thinking majority of the time. This will mean that I often have rants about anything and everything and can get very opinionated. I can be very hard to reason with at these particular moments. I guess you would say that this is my biggest flaw.

7. I am a structural Engineer, basically we design structures to withstand stresses and pressures imposed through environmental conditions and human use. We ensure buildings and other structures do not deflect (bend), rotate, vibrate excessively or collapse and that they remain stable and secure throughout their use.  

8. I always try to do my very best in whatever I am doing.

9. I am a massive animal lover, and especially Love my Dog. She is my entire world! Would you believe that I used to be a cat person until I got her! 

10. I am dual national, Half British Half American. Great for cheap holidays.  

11. I am a God Mother, to my Best friends Suzanne and Kyles Son Tudor! He is so gorgeous!!! 

12. My favourite colour is pink, however I hardly ever wear pink or have anything that is pink as I will opt for Purple instead.. which is my second favourite colour.

13. I am an Eeyore Fan.

14. I am a TV Junkie!!! To name a few....

15. I love stationary and pretty stationary like Paperblanks and Paperchase!

16. I like to read before bedtime.

17. I have a major sweet tooth, and American sweets are the best!

18. I love minions!!! I mean I am actually a little over the top with it. My Car has been called Stuart because I have a toy of Stuart the Minion in it. I bought all of the Macdonald’s toys from EBay because I wanted the whole collection!

19. I am an absolute B**** if I have had no sleep and am hungry, one or the other still makes me someone that you don’t want to be around, but combined!!! Just lock me away and throw food at me, I seriously turn into a red eye monster!

20. I am a major sun worshiper.

21. I have found a new passion, sewing, I have stolen my mums old sewing machine and love it! I’ve hemmed my own jeans J.

22. I don’t know how to swim!

23. I still have trouble reading the time on a dial watch!

24. I love make-up especially lippes!!!

25. I believe in ghosts and aliens.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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