Sunday, 17 January 2016

Aloe Vera Gel from InstaNatural Review*

So I have received my first free product to try out and review, how exciting!

The product description from Amazon is as below, R.R.P £15.95: 

  • NOURISH YOUR FACE & HAIR WITH A PURE REJUVENATING GEL - InstaNatural's Aloe Vera Gel is the ultimate cooling hydrator for the skin and hair! Our premium grade formula derives from pure, organic cold-pressed Aloe Vera to offer a wide variety of incredible nourishing benefits for the body that will keep you coming back for more!
  • YOUR SKIN WILL FEEL 100% BETTER IN NO TIME - Whether it's signs of aging, sun damage, blemishes, itchiness or dryness, this powerful Aloe Vera Gel will help your skin feel softer, smoother and more supple than ever before. You'll be amazed at the difference!
  • THE PERFECT NATURALLY DERIVED CONDITIONER FOR DAMAGED HAIR - Your peers will think you stepped straight out of a hair salon after trying this Aloe Vera Gel as a natural conditioner after you shampoo. You'll never have to worry about having a dry, flaky scalp or damaged and unruly hair again. Give your hair the style and hydration it needs today!
  • A MULTIPURPOSE PRODUCT FOR FULL-BODY SUPPORT - This amazing Aloe Vera Gel does a lot more than moisturise your skin and hair. It's also the best antibacterial product to try for sunburns, acne, razor bumps, abrasions, insect bites, scratches and more! It's so helpful that you'll want to take it everywhere you go.
  • LOADED WITH ALL THE NUTRIENTS YOU NEED FOR A LUXURIOUS APPEARANCE - Don't let wrinkles, fine lines, age spots and other signs of aging bog you down. The revitalizing nutrients found in this natural gel can be a great anti-aging solution that helps fortify your skin by trapping in moisture without clogging pores or making the skin feel sticky. You'll love it!

So what are my thoughts?

My initial thoughts were towards the consistency of the gel, it was alot runnier than I expected it to be, however I am comparing it to other products such as the Banana Boat Gel which is not pure Aloe Vera

I was quite impressed that it came with a separate pump in order for you to choose your method of getting the gel out. 
How does it smell? Well there is no obvious fragrance, however it does have a very faint scent, it's hard to pin point but kind of cleansey but pleasant. 

I used it as an all over body moisturiser and found it super easy to apply and it absorbed very quickly, leaving no tacky residue. When it had fully soaked in I could no longer smell the cleansey scent. 
My skin felt moisturised and soft.  

I also tried it out as a conditioner for my hair, the instructions state to use 3-4 pumps and gently massage into your scalp and hair, leaving on for 5 mins before rinsing. I found this very hard to do without pulling on my hair and it didn't feel very silly like you usually feel with normal conditioners, I also had to use a lot more than 3-4 pumps. When my hair had fully dried it was so soft and shiny, I could definitely tell a difference.

For the final test I applied it before I went to bed after cleansing my face, to see whether it did help with acne etc. 

When I woke up the morning after, I was so pleased with the result that I used it before I put my normal moisturiser and primer on. My skin looked clear and my pimples seemed to have shrunk and cleared up slightly. 

After the full days wear under my make-up my skin had stayed clear and I didn't have any new pimples.

Overall I am pleased with this product and have started to use it in my daily routine, as a moisturiser and face primer under my moisturiser. 

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

If you would like to purchase this Aloe Vera Gel then follow this link.


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