Friday, 1 January 2016

My 2015 Lookback

2015 has been a major rollercoaster ride and as much as I like the ups and downs and upside downs of a rollercoaster this one I am happy to get off.
I may not be able to remember everything that has happened this year, but I will do my very best and I hope you enjoy the read.

New Arrivals 
Firstly I would just like to say how truly proud and inspired I am with my best friend Suzanne and her Husband Kyle, for going though IVF to get their gorgeous miracle baby boy, my Godson Tudor. They are a really amazing couple and have proven the odds for so many reasons, I only hope that I can have a relationship like theirs. Tudor was Born in July, I was so happy and he brings happiness overtime I see him.

Secondly my friend Kat and her partner Craig had a handsome full head of hair boy, called Henry. He was also a miracle baby, he had a defect which meant that he had a whole in his diaphragm which pushed his intestines up squishing one of his lungs and pushing his heart to the other side. As soon as he was born he was prepped for surgery, which he came out of a healthy specimen and is going strong at home with his mummy.

These two women are truly an inspiration to me and many of our friends and family.

Pet Achievements
Harley passed her Bronze and Silver test in the Kennel Clubs Good Citezen Dog Training Scheme with Wensum Dog Club. Bring on the Gold test in 2016!

We have also performed extremely well in Agilty and have actually managed to complete full courses without mistakes, or biting.

I can't believe I moved companies this year, it feels like it has been much longer than a year, but I started at Richard Jackson Ltd in January. It is much more time consuming and comes with more responsibility, but I like that as it gives me far more jab satisfaction than my previous positions. I have met some wonderful people too, that I consider to be much more than work colleagues. The only downside is that it is part time in Haleigh and part time in Norwich, and living in Norwich I would much prefer to be in my home town full time.

Love Life
This subject has got to be the pinpoint of my entire year, as many of my friends and family will know I have made the stupid mistake of going back to my Ex time and time again. Each time saying I won't do that again, and yet finding my way back to him. I can say with certainty that that will never be happening again, the last time I went back helped to finally open my eyes to see what a true pitiful excuse of a man he really is. I will in time do a post on recognising the signs of an abusive partner but still need time to process it all.

This last time we went to counselling to try and resolve what issues we had, which at the time, I thought was all me. The counselling made me realise what a worthless piece of trash he was and how he had made me feel so small and not worthy of even a handful of his time, he even made me think that I was going insane, seriously I was considering driving off of the road one night driving home. I think that is the point I started to finally question everything, wow I haven't told anyone that and I have just told the world (well the handful of people that read this).

So after finally calling it quits, and giving myself some time to start to sort myself out, I started talking to guys again and found my way to a genuinely nice gentleman, which now seems to be blossoming into a great relationship (his words). So here's hoping that 2016 will finally be my year to follow in my friends footsteps.

I think with all the stress and pain I had put my body through and the new long work hours and driving, my body finally had enough. I started suffering from headaches every day non stop, so I went to have a check up and got a brain scan which thankfully came back normal. (Me normal... doesn't really go in the same sentence) I was diagnosed with chronic migraine, which is basically a constant headache, I was prescribed some tablets and they have been working a treat for me.

This year I thought I would really try and take blogging seriously and have had some help from one of my best friends Christie, as I am sure you are aware if you have read my November lookback. I can honestly say I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I have, so heres to keeping it up.

So that's all folks, I am so happy that this year is over and I can finally start looking forward to a bright 2016 and all it brings.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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