Friday, 29 January 2016

Norwich Gluten Free Cafe

I was so excited when I found out that the Gluten free Shop at Hellesdon Barns was going to be opening up an all Gluten Free Cafe, with a shop over the top, right here in Norwich City centre!

When it opened on 2nd January I wasn't available to go check it out, sob! I have now made it to the Cafe with my lovely friend Christie, we went as a lunch time treat and one I think we will make a tradition of.

It is located at the top of Timber Hill in Norwich, I love the cute design and the whole look inside the cafe. There isn't too much seating unfortunately, however we managed to grab a seat.

It was so nice to finally be able to go somewhere to eat and not have to go through the usual faff of what is gluten free, do you cater, blah blah blah. The Menu was very good and they even cater for Dairy Free and other dietary needs.  I opted for the Soup of the Day, Leek & Potato and a Chocolate Hazelnut Cake to go. Christie had a Ham Salad Sandwich with a Green Tea. 

My soup was lovely and really filling, it came with bread on the side, my only criticism is that the only butter they had was dairy free, I think they should have little mini boxes of normal butter.

Christie said that her meal was really nice and that she couldn't even tell the difference with the bread. Always nice to hear that when some breads can taste like sawdust.

Whilst we were eating another Coeliac friend of Christie's came in to buy some vegetable suet for dumplings, eek!!! I was so excited that before we left we had a sneak peak upstairs and I did buy myself some suet. Need to ,make some soup to make some dumplings, so sad that these little things get us excited having not had dumplings for about 5 years. They had lots of other products too, great to know they are so easily accessible now.

Although the shop is small it is jam packed and even has a section where you can bag your own flour and create your own mix if you wish. All this is in the Hellesdon Barns store too.

I saved my Cup Cake until I got home, and even had Harley eyeing me up as I gobbled it down. It was a Chocolate Hazelnut Cupcake and it was so lovely, not too sweet either. 

I am sure me and Christie will make this a regular stop for our lunches. I hope you enjoyed reading this and check out the Cafe soon, have you visited the Cafe, what did you think? 

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