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Planning for my USA Trip in June/July 2016

As some of you may know I am dual notional which means in basic terms I am both a British and American Citizen. My Dad and his side of the family were born and live in America, my Mum married him when she was young and although they are no longer together I have got some contact with him.

I have visited my American family a few years back with an Ex, and traveled abit as well, to see Washington DC and New York. That time was a real eye opener and needless to say one of the reasons that guy is my ex, it also gave me an experience of what I like to call real America and the touristy America. I am not sure if many of you will agree, but I do so much prefer the non-tourist places a.k.a. real America (or whatever country/ town you're referring to).

So the plan is for myself and brother, to visit my Dad first in Charleston, South Carolina and then drive up to Indianapolis with him to see the rest of the family.

We have obviously already booked the flights, so thats not an issue however there is still a huge amount to get sorted prior to jetting off.

In line with my earlier post on being more organised I thought it would be appropriate to do a list of the things I need to get sorted. I am sorry if this isnt a very 'fun' post, however I do think that it may give people ideas on what they need to do before going away on holiday and deciding what they would like to do.
  • In-flight meals, 
  • Check Baggage allowance, 
  • Check Airlines policy on bringing my own food, 
  • Travel Insurance, 
  • Travel arrangements to and from the Airport, 
  • Plan what we want to do with our family/ what we'd like to see, 
  • Sort clothes/ footwear, 
  • Sort medication, 
  • Sort normal travel items e.g. shampoo, toothbrush etc.
  • Spending Money, 
  • Arrangements for Harley,
  • Sort Car and Pet Insurance (as this runs out whilst we are away),
  • Most importantly a list of items friends and family want me to bring back. 
Most of the above is fairly self explanatory, however there are some items which need to be thought about in more depth. 

Travel Insurance, always ensure that you declare all of your medical conditions. I am fairly unlucky in the fact that I have Coeliacs Disease, Raynaud's and suffer from migraines, I do like Just Travel Cover. It is always good to shop about and use comparison websites to get a good deal, another important thing to remember is Top Cashback, as you can earn money back for so many things. 

Travel Arrangements are always a faff, I am considering driving to the airport the night before hand and staying in a hotel which also offers car parking for the length of your holiday. My other option might be to arrange for someone to take us to the airport and pick us up. 

Sorting Medication, this can always be a pain for many people that need medication, I know for a fact it has been a true nightmare for my Mum to travel with her contact lense liquids. I have to take certain tablets in the evening and am going to have to be 100% sure that I have enough to last me whilst I am away and for a little time when I am back, before getting a new prescription. it is always good practice to check with the airlines to see if there is a restriction on carrying it in your hand luggage or not, or whether you need a doctor's note. 

Agghhh speaking of Doctor's notes they cost a fortune for a piece of paper, last I checked it was about £15.00, bloody rip off. If you are like me and have special dietary needs then you will need to check whether a doctor's note is required to bring your own food on the flight. 

Sorting Clothes and Footwear is always a big deal for us females, don't you think? I am aware that my Dad would like us to go camping and hiking, so I therefore need to get some decent walking boots and socks, along with suitable clothing e.g. cargo shorts. 

If you're like me then you will think about getting a tan, so you need to have the right clothing to wear day to day that isnt too showy but is also comfortable for any situation, be it sitting in the garden or going shopping. 

Whilst we are in Charleston, I would love to go see the filming locations of One Tree Hill and TV series I loved and miss dearly. I will do a whole post on my visit and about the show on my return. I have found a few posts regarding where the filming locations are which is fantastic for me. Follow this link and this link for the locations.

As I said above my Dad wants us to go camping and the place looks amazing, we will visit the Great Smokey Mountains, a national park just North west of Carolina. There are bears roaming about as well as horrible creepy crawlies and snakes. 

Thats pretty much i, thanks for reading, is there anything you do in particular before you go away?


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