Monday, 8 February 2016

Singleton on Valentines Day

I have been scrolling through anti-valentines images and Happy Singles Awareness Day and I cant help but laugh, the quotes are just brilliant! I mean why should it be a bad thing that you're single on one day in February? It shouldn't however the media and stigma nowadays makes you think that it should be, well I say embrace it!

So once again I am alone for Valentines Day, am I bothered, not really I have Harley, my dog. So I thought I would do a post on what you (what I will be doing) can do if you're single on Valentines Day. To some reading this they may think, "that doesn't sound like fun", well this is just what I enjoy.

If you are lucky enough you may even have a group of friends that are single, you could do a big girls night in or out. Unfortunately for me many of my friends are either married or in relationships.

This year it falls on a Sunday, how inconvenient, this restricts what you can do in some respect, unless you can stay up until the wee hours in the morning. So I will be starting mine on Saturday evening, as I am sure most people will do.

So I will probably have a movie/ pamper night, haven't watch Twilight or The Little Mermaid in a while. Face masks are a must with pamper nights along with nail polish, might spend some time using my MoYou Kits. I won't just pamper myself, I will give Harley a little pamper and but her nails etc. (meany) but no painting, I think people that do that to their dogs are just warped. My other option would be to go to the cinema alone, something I have never done before, but I really want to see Deadpool... so we shall see how i feel Saturday evening.

I plan to spend ALL day with Harley, which I try to do as much as possible anyway, but on this particular day I think I will take her out for a walk down the beach. Hopefully the weather is poor, that way not many people will be out and I can run up and down with her looking mental without the fear of someone calling a psychiatric ward. I will also probably bring my Nan with me, as she won't have any plans with anyone.

When we get back from the beach, I think me and Harley will have a cuddle on the sofa chilling watching another Disney Movie and catching up on Netflix. Netflix is your bestfriend!!!

You don't have to have a Dog to go for a walk somewhere, just get yourself out there and enjoy the fresh air, it is unbelievably therapeutic, if you can't stand the thought of walking on your own, find other single friends to go with or family members without loved ones.

Just pamper yourself and chill, it's just another day and simply means that there is half price chocolates and sweets on the 15th! Result!!

What are your plans this valentines?


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