Sunday, 6 March 2016

What I did this Valentines

Following my Singleton on Valentines Day Post, I thought I would follow up with what I actually did. 

So I had planned to do something I never have before, go to the cinema alone to see Deadpool, however I had been attacked by one of my really bad Headaches, so thought I had better not over do it. 

I spent the pre-valentines evening in with Harley, and played on my new toy, my new Macbook Air. Definitely one of the best purchases of my life! It’s so light and easy to use, ooh wait I’m not writing a review on that. 

What did I actually get up to on Valentines Day, I spent the morning with my Nan. I think it is so important to never forget your grandparents. She is on her own since my Grandfather past 8 years ago, ever since then we have gotten so much closer and I am forever grateful of all she does for me and her continual kindness. She is one of the most selfless people I know and I will always do anything I can to help her out.

We had planned on going to the beach, but Harley was still limping from cutting her foot and I thought it would be too cold for my Nan anyway. 

I helped her to cut up some tree that her gardener had cut down, Harley helped too. She enjoyed running around with sticks and pulling them apart. My nan always enjoys watching her running and playing, even though she turns up her turf. 

When me and Harley got home we chilled out on the sofa and cuddled, we watched Bridesmaids whilst I ate a bowl of melted chocolate.  Don't give me that we have all done it!

I even got a Valentines card this year! Yep when I read it I actually welled up, I have the besets friend ever, Suzanne you truly are my Valentine for always. Yet another selfless person in my life. 

All in all I had a brilliant Valentines, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines? What did you do? 


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