Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Crobar Energy Bars*

As most of you may already know, I live a gluten free lifestyle and finding things such as protein bars can be incredibly difficult/. I mean trying to combine something that tastes nice as well as being healthy for you is quite difficult for us Coeliacs.

I was given the opportunity to sample these energy bars and must say when I first read that they are made of cricket flour, I thought ugh... Crickets?? I must confess I have never found any energy bars that I absolutely love and this is no exception to that, however it is a lot more bearable than most others I've tried. 

Crobar by Gathr are an upcoming new natural energy bar, that are completely gluten, soy and dairy free. The main ingredients are cricket flour, seeds, nuts and fruit which are all packed with goodness. 

I really love the design too, it really catches your eye.

Crickets are very high in protein and contain high levels of iron, therefore look like a reliable source of protein for the future.

I was lucky enough to be given two different flavours, they smelt nice and looked edible too. I was slightly worried incase I saw a cricket leg in there, needless to say that didn't actually happen!

The Peanut & Cricket Flour bar tasted kind of sweet, but also had a slight tangy taste to it and I could definitely taste a hint of peanut. That said I was able to eat it in one sitting, without having to pace myself as with other bars I've tried. This did actually fill me up and kept me going from mid-morning till my evening meal, which is pretty good going for me as I have a huge appetite.

The Cacao & Cricket Flour bar wasn't for me and although I didn't like it, I thought it would only be fair to get a second opinion. So I asked my close friend Christie from Christies Lifestyle to do a guest review for me.

"When Kim gave me the opportunity to try the Cacao and Cricket Crobar I was actually excited. I love my energy bars and health foods so I was curious to see what this had to offer. When I opened the bar I instantly saw the similarity in appearance between Crobars and Nak’d Bars which are a firm favourite of mine. Although sceptical of trying the ‘cricket’ flavoured bar, I really enjoyed how this tasted. I love the addition of chia seeds, not only are they loaded with nutrients, they fill the bar out a bit. They aren’t as sweet as nak’d bars and have different ingredients but I could happily eat this. I love the simple packaging and everything you need to know is written clearly on the back of the packet. Thank you Kim for letting me try this out, it was a pleasure to eat!"

If you are living a gluten free or dairy free diet and need a good energy bar I would certainly recommend these; and if I saw them in the grocery stores, then I would certainly grab a few. They are very handy for those rushed mornings when there's no time for breakfast.

You can check out their Facebook Page here, and here are a list of retailers or you can buy them direct here. You can even buy cricket flour on it's own, which might be a great alternative for making snacking foods to keep you filled up.

* I received these products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

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