Wednesday, 9 March 2016

February Lookback

February is a funny word isn't it... the more and more I look at it I think I've spelt it wrong.

This month has been abit of a nothing month, with nothing new to really report. The only really exciting parts of this month has been my new found love for the mylittlebox subscription and my new extensions.

As I said above I have found a new found love in the mylittlebox subscription, it is so nice to receive a little surprise through the post and finding it when you get home on a bit of a low day is just great. February's theme was Home and I seriously cannot rave about it enough, you can see my original post here.

I also received the valentines edition Glossybox, which didn't let me down, with every item being something I either needed or would use. I mean just look at the box, gorgeous design. You can see the full review here.

My final goody this month was a new set of extensions, a full review will be coming soon. I cannot recommend these highly enough, especially the customer service. The first set was stolen by a staff member at Royal Mail and the seller Hexy Hair has got to make a claim through them, however she sent me another set the same day for next day delivery and these ones actually arrived. 

These extensions are called Halo Extensions and I am so happy with these, they literally take seconds to put in compared to 20mins plus for clip ins. They also look a million times more natural. 

Well this is a little complicated, seriously men are like buses. You wait forever and then 2 or more come at once. 

That said I am still looking for the somewhat perfect relationship, well my version anyway. I guess I will be repeating what I said within my January Lookback, but I want something that will last and is real and if they just so happen to look like Channing Tatum or are Channing Tatum then so be it, I am sure I could live with that.

Too many people nowadays just give up at the first hurdle rather than seeing it through, I mean if you can quite clearly see it isn't working or can see patterns forming as with previous relationships, then I can see why you would end things. I can vouch for the fact that when I have been put in similar situations as I was put in with the abusive ex, then I do take a major step back and usually call things off, purely because I will not be put back into any form of an abusive relationship. 

That said there are too many freebies out there, people just give it away, especially with help from apps such as Tinder or even Snapchat, quick heads up you ask me for my snapchat name you're not going to go any further with me. This just makes it harder and harder for couples to see the point of actually fighting and working at something when you can quite easily pick up some new guy/ girl within a matter of minutes if you're that desperate. 

I guess my point is that if you find something that looks to be the real deal, work at it, fight for it and keep at it, you are dreaming if you think that all relationships are happiness and roses. They aren't! If you want happiness and roses you have to sieve through all the shit and work bloody hard to get there. I have seen my best friends go through so much together, that was sure to tear them apart, but do you know what they worked bloody hard to get back to being happy together and now have a beautiful baby boy! Don't get me wrong they're not perfect but whatever comes their way they stand strong together and get through it as a team. Call me a wishful thinker, but I would like to have that someday. Don't be like Kimye, be like the Doyles!!!

I just want to find my best friend and soul mate... yes I do believe they exist!!!

Well heres hoping for a more exciting March, and let me tell you it has been an eventful one already!!!


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