Saturday, 19 March 2016

Whats in my Handbag

I have read so many of these posts and just love them. I mean everyone loves to be nosey don't they? If you say you don't I'm sorry but you're lying! So after reading so many and finally getting a new bag I actually like, I thought it was about time I did my own.

Bag: I recently bought this new Nica Lizzy Grab Bag from TK Maxx, this particular style is now unavailable from Nica. It is the perfect size for my 11" MacBook Air, however doesn't fit in the front zip section, I don't always have this with me as its just not always required.

Purse: Ted Baker Lidia Enamel Bow Matinee Purse in Deep Purple, I love this purse and have had it for a few years now. I purchased it with some Birthday money for £75.00. This is my perfect purse, it fits all my cards and has a separate section for coins as well as a mini zip bit on the back for important bits such as postal stamps. Yes they are important to me because you always need them.

Make-up Bag: Again, Ted Baker. I have had this for a few years too and got it in a sale. I absolutely love my make-up bag, it is the perfect size for all my beauty essentials. No your eyes are not deserving you, my Blusher brush has got a chewed handle... Thank you Harley. 

Coin Purse: Yes I have a coin purse, I guess I am a little weird. My friend Christie got this for me as a case for a MAC Gift card for my Birthdat one year and I have used it ever since for small change. Everyone needs small change. 

My Little Bag Bag: I got this is my first ever MylittleBox and think this is such a cute little much. I use it to keep all my pills and drugs in one place and secured in my handbag. 

Body Spray: Ted Baker Pink Spray, this is such a pretty subtle scent and lasts for quite some time.

Brush: I have to have my travel Tangle Teezer brush with me regardless of where I am going. Tangle Teezers are amazing and can make a massive difference especially with our horrible windy weather. 

Hand Cream: Palmers, Coconut Oil Hand Cream. I was so happy to come across this one day in London, as this is actually Gluten-Free. It's very moisturising and smells divine. 

Phone: iPhone 6S in Rose Gold. I swear by Apple, have never had any issues with all of my Apple products and have had an iPhone for well over 8 years now. 

Notebook: As you may already know I am bit of a stationary nerd. I act like a little kid overtime I visit Paperchase, since I have started blogging seriously I have been on the look out for the perfect notebook to jot ideas or notes down. I found this beauty at you guessed it, Paperchase. I just adore the front cover, Dream it Believe it Achieve it. 

Diary: Everyone needs a Diary, and I always have to have a pretty one. Mine is a Paperblanks 2016 midi diary. Most people nowadays use their phones, however I just don't feel you cam beat writing it all down and checking through a physical diary. 

The only other item that I always have on me is an Umbrella, something that is a must in England with our British weather. 

I hope you enjoyed snooping through my bag, share your links below so I can snoop back. 



  1. I love those cute Ted Baker pieces! Nice post overall. :)

    Nora /

    1. Hi Nora,

      Thank you, I will certainly check your blog out :)



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