Wednesday, 6 April 2016

March Lookback

This month has seen my life completely derail, with my live in landlady giving me my notice (albeit a long whenever you can get a place notice) but nevertheless a notice to move out and I have also been considering leaving my current job due to personal reasons as well as the team completely falling apart.

Now I had been thinking that it was about time that I moved out and got my own place, with that in mind owning a dog and having debt doesn't bode well when looking to rent.

Yes I know I shouldn't be in debt, but come on I am 26 and don't know many people my age without debt, that's not to say that I don't completely and utterly regret it!

After many messages to private landlords and some letting agents I had started to get to the point of complete disappear, I do not want to be homeless!!

On Easter weekend round my Mums for dinner, my brother was looking through zoopla and found that the house two doors down from her was up for rent, I instantly jumped on that and went round to see if I could speak to the people currently living in the property, however there were no signs of anyone there.

When I was about to drive home I saw that someone was moving out of the property, so I pulled over and got the number of the landlady. I left it till the following morning and got in touch with the landlady to discuss possibly moving in with a dog, she seemed happy to speak to me however wanted to go through a letting agent which was fine with me, long story short I am now awaiting confirmation on whether we can proceed on the basis that I have a guarantor.

I mean what were the chances of finding somewhere a few doors down from where I used to live, catching the previous tenants and getting the landlady's number? To add to the mystery, this is also the house that my best friends The Doyles were considering buying when they were looking a few years back! So heres hoping that all comes back A OKAY and I can move out by the end of April!

I don't really speak about my Job very much on here, note I must do a post on what I actually do for a living, however lately since the team has had a few new members the structure has gone to pot. There seems no sorry there IS a lot of backstabbing going on and I just don't like to work like that. I feel as though there is only one member in my team that I complete and utterly trust and I hope he feels the same. We have our own language and are able to moan to each other regarding differs aspects of the daily drama as well as bitch about work ethics.

That said I do enjoy the work itself, however I cannot stay based on one/ two people. There is also the added fact that currently I have to drive one day a week to Hadleigh, Suffolk from Norwich and then bus in the remaining days to Norwich. I don't mind the bussing part, but I do mind carrying an extremely heavy laptop bag with all my paperwork in as well as my laptop.

I have had a few interviews this month and been offered a couple of jobs, however have chosen to move on to another company who are based in Norwich with a massive pay rise. I just can't turn it down especially with me looking to move out and rent on my own.

Love Life
In all honesty this seems to be on bit of a lull, I guess it could be due to the fact that I am extremely stressed at the moment and am trying very hard to keep myself grounded, that I think this has kind of taken a back seat. My best friend would tell me that that is exactly where it should go presently, however with everything that has been going on I cannot help but look at my life clock, I'm 26 with no home (yet), a lot of debt and no children (unless you count my four legged furry baby).

Now I will be perfectly honest and say that I have been fooling around with a guy, but I am now at the point where I feel as though I could really fall for him, but I am not totally sure that that is the right thing. I guess only time will tell but I just wish that I knew what he really wanted and he would take it rather than just beating around the bush.

I guess I still have reservations from my previous screw ups and issues from when I was with the abusive partner.

I have really been pushing myself with my blog so that I can really get all I want out of it, as well as making it look more professional. Christie's boyfriend very kindly made me a blogging board to provide my photos with an awesome background, naturally I personalised it with a little paper chase paper and modpodge glue.

In addition to that, I have been trying t expand and 'totify' my writing style. Reading other bloggers posts, I realised that my writing style needed to change ignorer for me to be fully satisfied that I have provided my readers the best possible posts from me I can give. Just hope that is shows.

Harley the Dog
Well someone cost me a bomb with two visits to the vets, she managed to break one nail and then another the following week, costing me a total of £250. She is fine now, however I am being extra careful when playing with her now so as to not have any more accidents, which is a long shot with her. Honestly she is the dog version of me, beyond clumsy.

Due to her nails we had to miss out on our first ever competition in Agility, that said she and I are improving immensely. If you want to do something fun with your dog, I highly recommend finding your local Agility club. It keeps you fit as well as creating an even stronger bond between you and your pup.

I always love reviewing products, especially when I cannot find many reviews on a particular product. People nowadays want to read and hear about how others got on with whatever they have their eye on and I must be speaking for many when I say how frustrating it is when you come up with zilch.

This month I had one free product to review and 3 beauty subscriptions.

I was asked to review these Crobar, energy bars made of cricket's, yes you heard me correctly.

The first and most disappointing beauty box was this months Glossybox, honestly have considered sacking this one off. That said do you like my photography skills? Getting better I think.

Next up is my absolute favourite, I am in love with My Little Box Subscription. I have been beyond pleased with each box so far. 

Last but not least was a first for me the Love Me Beauty subscription, who have just released a news letter stating they are scrapping boxes and opting for beauty bags each month. This one is great for those of you that don't like the idea of not knowing what you're going to get. 

After moaning about seeing Deadpool for so long, I finally saw it with my brother and it was epic! Definitely one to go see in the cinema! Just to clarify, he was very tired here but certainly does look as though he has some drugs. 

I also went to see the final in the Divergent series Allegiant and although they didn't follow the books (at all) I was very impressed along with my Nan which was a surprise. 

I think that's it for March, hope I get to tell you lots of good news in next month's lookback. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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