Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Me, Myself and Harley

Me. Myself and Harley are so happy right now, I cannot explain how great it feels to have our own space and home.

In the last few months following the single most important decision (leaving a c*nt, see my post on how this affected me),  I have made the next best decisions of my life (in my eyes anyway) moving home and jobs has brought me such peace.

As much as I enjoyed working with a few spectacular people and some of the work, the driving and tension in the team as it changed got far too much for me. The team seemed to split and there was far too much back stabbing and tripping up going on that I don't think I would have been able to maintain my cool much longer. The long drive was not great on my health either, I was constantly tired and getting chronic headaches, also coming home late wasn't great for Harley due to the fact that I was unable to give her a decent walk.

My home situation wasn't the best either, I think myself and my housemate got to the point where we needed our own space back again. I found it hard to settle and be able to do what I wanted to do, even cooking became a chore as I had to work around her.

The other downside to living with others is the fact that I had to constantly clean and wash up before doing any cooking of my own for the fact that there was gluten everywhere all the time, i.e. crumbs spewed all over the place.

Harley was restricted too, not being allowed in certain areas and being told off for menial things. That wound me up too if I am completely honest.

All this had made me a shell of the person I was, feeling alone and anxious, coupled with the tiredness made me slightly depressed too. something of which I have not admitted to anyone until now.

Since moving Harley has become her old self again and really is loving her own home being able to go wherever she wants as well as being able to sleep with me in the evenings. That aspect of the move has been the most important thing to me and having an extremely happy dog makes me beam too.

Along with that not having to worry about cross contamination has made my life a hell of a lot easier. I can also do as I please, when I please it's great!

Being a few doors down from my mum and not very far from my friends is just amazing, the support I get from them all is beyond anything I could ever hope for. I am so grateful to have such an amazing group of people round me.

With the new job too, my commute is so much quicker meaning I have more time in the mornings to be able to take Harley for a run and also chill out in front of the T.V before I head to work. I also get home in good time too meaning that Harley gets a long walk in the evening too.

The best part of the new job is the 4 o'clock leave on a Friday! I mean who doesn't love to leave early!

Although I am still struggling with a few things, I thought I would write this as a little happy post, and to say thank you to all those that have helped me get here. It is so nice to be told that I look happier and seem to be more myself than ever.
I just hope that things carry on going up for me, no pun intended!!!


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