Friday, 27 May 2016

My Pandora Wish List

Following the lose of my Pandora bracelet and with my upcoming trip to USA I though I'd do a quick post on my wish list. I have also claimed on my home insurance for the lose and have been awarded a settlement, which means I can make majority of my wish list a reality.

First up is the Disney Bracelet, on the designer you cannot select the Disney bracelet or safety chain which is a shame, so have taken a screen shot of those elements. 

I hope to get two pave clips of Mickey and Minnie, Eeyore, an Anna crown and 2 hearts. The two hearts will have their own saying on them, 'Be Magical' and 'A Dream is a wish your heart makes', both show stars on the back.

The Mickey Bracelet has little Mickey logos on the clasp.

Onto my normal bracelet I am going to try and keep it symmetrical. Although it will never match my old bracelet, as majority of the charms are no longer available; however it will be better as I can make it as I wish it to be. 

I would like to get two butterfly clips, Butterfly Pave charm and two Heart charms.  

The ghost will not be as shown, I have never liked the Pandora ghost and used to have a Chamelian one, which I have found on FlEbay! 

The graduation cap was a gift for my Degree so I will be replacing that and the I love my Dog charm was a gift from my colleagues at Chicks.

Again the designer wouldn't let me use the bracelet I wanted and therefore I have provided a picture below, I love the heart clasp.

Finally I would like to get a safety chain this time and this particular dreamer safety chain is only available in the USA, therefore will be purchased when I am out there.

If, when I have finished replacing the ones I can, I have some spare money I may just treat myself to some new rings.. or earrings but we shall see...

Do you have a wish list? Drop me a comment below.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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