Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Nyx Beauty Haul

I am obsessed, obsessed I tell you with Nyx Matte Cream Lipsticks...I have heard of Nyx before from many other bloggers and when I discovered it was now available in some Boots stores, I had to check it out. As you can see I came away with a sizeable haul with four lip creams! They are amazing dupes for lip kits such a Kylie Jennas and Mac!

Can we all just take a moment to gaze at my flat lay, I am so impressed with myself for this one! 

Nyx are a cruelty free brand, American and reasonably priced. What more could you want?

First up is this really cute single eye shadow in , R.R.P £3.50. Look at the little bow on the clasp, I think it makes the world of difference when the packaging is made to look pretty. The colour is really subtle and is perfect for my everyday look, adding just a hint of colour to my lids, I also add a tiny, tiny amount to the bottom of my eyes. The wear time is incredible too, only needing to apply in the morning.

I have been in need of a new liner for a while now and finally got the push when I visited the Nyx counter, and found this double ended liner and pencil. Rightly named Two Timer, for only £5.50 this is an essential for your make-up bag. The formula is water resistant too and again the wear time is absolutely incredible! double that with the intense black colour you have a prefect duo.

Next up is this amazing Waterproof Top Coat for Mascara, Profit R.R.P £5.50. 

Finally to the good bits, the Matte Lip Creams!

This beautiful number is Nyx Liqud Suede in Sandstorm R.R.P £6.50. This colour is an amazing Kylie Lip Kit Dolce K Dupe, a medium brown shade. This is a perfect colour for a natural look, with a tiny bit of dark about it. The wear time is absolutely amazing, I applied it in the morning and didn't need to reapply it all day! Even when you do feel like you want to reapply you can layer it without it becoming flaky! The formula is super moisturising too, I just love it!

I love this shade in Vintage, it's not too dark so can be worn at any time. 

This Soft Matte Lip Cream in Prague is again another amazing colour with even better staying power for only £5.50 you cannot go wrong. 

This shade in Rome is another brown/red shade. It is lighter than Vintage but still has the dark kinda vibe.

Left to Right you all see me wearing Prague, Vintage, Sandstorm and Rome. 

I loved these so much that I had to go back and get anther shade and try out the Make-up setting spray.

The setting spray is awesome and does exactly what to says on the bottle, I opted for the matte finish as I can't understand why anyone would want to look dewy, that just screams oily and wet to me.

The Liquid Suede Matte Lip cream is in shade Soft Spoken and is  beautiful red brown colour and lasts amazingly well just as the Sandstorm one does. 

I seriously love this brand and am loving the lip creams way more than I should! If you want an amazing matte lip cream then you NEED to get your hands on these!

According to Skin Safe, these products are Gluten Free too!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Sunday, 26 June 2016

DIWAH Customised Jewellery *

When DIWAH offered me the chance to make my own personalised jewellery how could I say no. I mean come on I am a girl at the end of the day. Due to unforeseen circumstances the DIWAH team were unable to make my necklace in time and therefore offered me additional compensation by way of a personalised bracelet to match my necklace. The personalised bracelet service is a new service the DIWAH team provide and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to get one made.

DIWAH prices start from £40.00 and there are hundreds of options to choose from. You can use one of their bespoke designs and amend it to your pleasing or you can pick one of their base templates and create a completely bespoke item. They do offer a personalised service where one of their designs can create a nice for you, don't worry they will send you pictures of the design before they make it up so you can make changes to it if you're not happy.

The team at DIWAH designed me a bespoke necklace and matching bracelet, they used the few designs I made myself using their design software to create a beautiful piece.

The DIWAH jewellery on first inspection looks to be bit in your face and cheap, however having received my necklace and bracelet can now see that, that isn't the case. I like a more subtle look and am so pleased with what they have made me.

My bespoke necklace called Tatiana came to £57.00 and the Tatiana bracelet came to £29.00, both pieces feature amethyst, agate and crystal elements. When you consider that they have used amethyst and agate, along with the handmade process the cost is actually quite reasonable.

The team were kind enough to send me pictures of my necklace and bracelet being made, which I think is amazing because you can see the care and pride they take in creating your unique piece.

When I received this beautiful picture from the DIWAH team of my finalised jewellery, I could wait to actually get this and out them on. I love the subtle design, symmetry and purple touches, which will make the majority of my plain outfits pop. 

When my package arrived I was so excited to see what kind of quality the jewellery made for me was like, the packaging was beautiful in a pretty black box with a pink ribbon to finish off the look. Within the box the necklace and bracelet were wrapped up in pink tissue paper with a personalised note from the DIWAH team to myself, wishing me a happy time in USA.

The necklace and bracelet are such great quality, I was surprised to see how heavy they were. The composition of all the elements together really make a beautiful design, I am so happy with them both.

I have to say I was unable to wear these in USA for long as I have a nickel allergy and they made me come up in a rash. In the UK I was able to wear it all day so it can't have too much nickel in, must just be the hot weather and sweat.

The other downside to these pieces is the face that the necklace has broken twice now. For £57.00 I don't think it should break at all. It was an easy fix but still not great really. So in my opinion they should really solder/ weld the connections together in order for them to not break so easily; and after wearing them I have changed my mind on the quality of the products, in that they aren't as great as they seemed to be on first inspection.

The DIWAH team have given me a code for all my lovely readers to get 30% off any purchase and whats more is the code has unlimited use! Just type ROMANOVS30 in the voucher code box at checkout.

I think this unique service is great for any jewellery lover and can make a brilliant gift for any one.


After wearing these items in America and having some issues I contacted the team at DIWAH and was not impressed with their response. They have messed me about since day one and just seemed to want to brush me off.

I apologise for the size of the image below, however you can zoom in to read the comments they sent me back. I informed them that the necklace had broken twice during my time wearing it and that I didn't think this was acceptable for a £57.00 necklace, they didn't seem to really acknowledge my compliant and brushed it off with the fact they are still in testing. Needless to say I was not impressed with this response and let them know that and still haven't heard anything back.

Their customer service seems to be pretty shoddy and the quality of their products isn't worth the amount of money they charge for their items.

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Friday, 24 June 2016

Glossybox June 2016

This months Glossybox has been a big improvement with 4 full size products and an additional freebie item.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

My Little Box June 2016 Summer Vibes Edition

I LOVE and I mean LOVE this box, seriously every month is better than the last! Lately we seem to be getting extra little items too! You cant moan at that! This months bag was a Swimsuit Pouch, R.R.P £6.00. I am a little weird and LOVE the rubber smell.


Monday, 20 June 2016

What's in My Bag - Travel Edition

Right so because my previous What’s in my Bag post went off without a hitch, I thought it would be fun to do one for my travel bag/s.

As you may already be aware I am jetting off to the USA and cannot wait although I will miss Harley terribly. I have also been involved in a car accident so cannot carry too much or move very fast, although it’s all muscular and whiplash I am still in pain. Therefore poor old Adam has to carry all the bags :P

So first up my Handbag is from Sainsbury's, you may recognise it from my Tu Haul, my Backpack is a Jack Wolfskin Laptop bag. Also, note that I was unable to include my Nikon Coolpix P610 Camera in the photo as I used it to take the photos.

Obviously, we have our passports and all other relevant paperwork such as travel insurance etc. We are Dual National so have to travel out on our US Passports and back on our British ones. 

Money, that's a given, you need money for anything these days especially spending money.

Make-up, I have all my liquids in my exclusive Glossybox bag and my powders and brushes in my exclusive Love Me Beauty bag, always try to remember the 100ml rule with liquids people.

Hair Brush, no one wants tangled hair least of all me. 

Wires such as chargers, earphones and that sort of thing, last thing you want to do is forget those.

My Laptop, I wanted to bring my MacBook Air so I can make sure I back up all my photos and videos and hopefully do some blogs for you guys whilst I am away. Speaking of I have got myself a new Camcorder to do just that for you guys.

My Kindle, I take this with me pretty much everywhere because I love to read and its perfect for waiting around and things like that. 

Earplugs and my Eye Mask (never know the actual name for that?? please someone tell me), I need dead silence and darkness to sleep. God, I sound like a vampire or something, but seriously I do and a tired Kim is a grouchy Kim. 

Painkillers, prescribed by the Doc due to my car accident.. boohoo… but yeah need them too that's that.

Mint Humbugs for sucking hard things on the plane.. ugh hum.. sorry just thought I’d add a little humor.

Finally, Harley's Eeyore teddy, because I am weird and it smells like her so I want to smell it so I feel close to my baby. Any haters just walk on, cos you don't know love till you've owned a dog.. like seriously!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sainsbury's Tu Haul

Everyone loves a little splurge every now and again and when I popped into to Sainsbury's one lunch time and there was a 50% off sale I had to have a snout about. 

These flip-flops are to die for, although they weren't in the sale for £14 I had to have them. I only own one other pair and with my USA trip coming up I needed to get them for the hot weather. They are super comfy and go well with just about anything.

Now I probably didn't need 'another' bag, however come one girls just look at it! I also thought even though I do have a crappy travel bag for USA, having a nice one for the casual days out would be nice too. I especially bought it because it was in the sale for £9.00, now that's a bargain! It is the perfect size for all my essentials, and the open cut work detail is gorgeous, along with the pastel purple colour making it perfect for the summer.

These earrings weren't in the sale, however I was actually in need of some new ones having thrown a load of mismatched ones away. They were £7.00 and are really cute, I really liked the fact that they do not exactly match. These again will go with pretty much any outfit and are even good for work as they aren't too over the top.

Last but not least are these new boots! I love my boots, especially now owning a dog wearing heels is not practical half the time, I mean imagine trying to hold onto an extremely strong dog whilst balancing on your heels... not going to happen believe me I've tried. So when I spotted these for just £10.00 I had to have them. They are cute ankle boots that are so comfortable and again can go with pretty much any outfit. I think the cutwork detail and airy material are great for the summer, if the heat actually stays, blasted UK weather.

Have you found any bargains recently?


Monday, 13 June 2016

Look Incredible Beauty Box May 2016

I have got a bit of an obsession with subscription boxes and follow Which Beauty Box UK and after having a little snout came across Look Incredible.

So before I get onto my experience, let me just give you a little blurb on the box itself. This beauty box is slightly more pricey than most at £18.99 + P&P, however on the plus side they will always provide 5 FULL size beauty products in each box and what's more they are usually high end brands too. After doing a little research there is usually always a bareMinerals product, other common brands are Nars and Mac which to me is a high quality box.

They do offer a Deluxe box for £35 which includes P&P, and this will usually have full size top end brands. This is a little steep for me so have opted for the standard box.

Right so my experience, when my first box arrived I was super excited especially because I knew what was already in the box after reading Which Beauty Boxes review for the May box. So imagine my surprise when I received the wrong box, I actually received the April Deluxe Box, bearing in mind this was a poor box and even with that a product was missing! So I emailed the team at Look Incredible and they were really helpful; and said that they would send me the correct box with a free item for my trouble, in addition they would refund me the postage for sending the first box back.

So far so good, but when they correct box finally came I didn't receive the correct bareMinerals product, I got a Ready Eyeshadow palette instead of a Blusher. For the free item they sent me a No7 Mascara. So naturally I was not happy and although I was happy to accept the items I feel I should still get the Blusher given that they have done it wrong twice. So I emailed as such and offered to send the Mascara back in place of the Blusher. They were happy to oblige and said they would include the Blusher within the June box. So with all that in mind, I was pretty pleased with the service I received and felt they did all they could to make up for their errors.

So onto the box, the only disappointing product in this particular box is the Claire's Nail Polis, R.R.P £3.00 x 3. This is something that I have seen is disappointing to a lot of bloggers, which is fair lets be honest it's a bit naff. I haven't used these and will be giving them away as they aren't really to sort of thing I would use.

Bellapierre Kabuki Brush, R.R.P £22.50. I haven't heard of this brand before, however my friend has and has told me that this is a good quality brand. The brush is made with Taklon and is super soft, perfect for mineral foundation make-up. I have used this brush since I received it and cannot fault it. The coverage you get is amazing and it doesn't feel scratchy when you use it.

Korres eye Primer, R.R.P £15.00. Again another brand I haven't heard of but am so happy with, not only do you use it on your eyelids but under the eye too. The formula is silky smooth and works like a dream. The only downside is the application, the bottle doesn't make it easy to get the stuff out and you have to be quick on the mark to rub it is otherwise it dries up on your skin. 

Mac Potent Polish Lip Pencil, R.R.P £17.50. As you know I am a massive Mac & Lippie Lover, so when I received shade Hopelessly Devoted (LOL what a perfect name for me) I was so excited to give it a try. It is essentially a lip-gloss in pencil form, but  also combines as a balm. The only downside is that you cannot sharpen it, however with a little patience you can line your lips well. The wear time is not the best. however it does stay on fairly well and is highly pigmented. I would defiantly think about buying this again.

Finally we have the bareMinerals Ready Eyeshadow in A List, R.R.P £23.00. Although it wasn't the blusher I wanted it was a lovely alternative and still the same great quality. I do own many bareMinerals eyeshadows and am always happy with the result. The wear time is amazing and the pigmentation is just perfect, coupled with the ease of application you have a perfect on the go kit. You can easily create a smokey eye look or just a simple day time look with the lighter shades.

Overall I am super happy I have given this a go and cannot wait to see what I receive in the next box and to see if they actually remember to give me the blusher I am owed.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Love Me Beauty May 2016

Love  Me Beauty has been a bit disappointing these last two months and even my June order is not very exciting, I will not be continuing my subscription with them as their selection has been shockingly poor.

This months bag was naff to say the least, it's a weird canvas type ,material and just looks so cheap. To say I am disappointed is an understatement.

Now onto the products, first up with the MonuSpa relaxing Bali Body Oil, R.R.P £29.95. This oil is suitable for all skin types and is actually rather relaxing. the oil is very easy to apply and a little goes a long way, however the bottle doesn't make it easy to get a small amount out. Your skin is left super soft and hydrated.

NuxeFace Cleansing and Mae-up removing Gel, R.R.P £14.50. I am a big fan of pre-cleansers, however this one is quite simply crap. The bottle says to lather up and wash away make-up however it isn't very easy to lather up and doesn't remove your make-up at all. It just smears it making you look like Heather Ledger as the Joker. So do not buy, unless you like that kind of look.

Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil, R.R.P £34.00. This is the only product I liked in the box and would consider buying again. The oil is really gentle on the skin and does leave your face with a subtle sheen and a beautiful base for foundation. This can be used on your hair and body, however I am not too sure about putting this in my hair.

Last is the Love Me Beauty Silver Necklace with Hammered Triangle Charm, not sure of the retail price. I do really like this necklace as it is subtle, yet has a statement vibe about it. I don't think I will be wearing this all the time but certainly one for a night out.

Sorry this was a bit drab, however you can't really polish a turd no matter how hard you try.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 6 June 2016

May Lookback

As with each month, I have to try and remember what the hell I got up too... usually turning to Facebook as a reliable source of information. 

Home & Job
We are all settled in now, and loving the space. I have made done a lot of DIY which I aim to get put into craft posts for you lovely people. Yes that is a reindeer in my room, but you should act like it's Christmas everyday!!!

With my new role, I am really happy. The team and work environment is really nice and I am settling in great. The company are really pushing me to further my career, to get Chartered as soon as possible... next September!!! Insert *shocked* emoji.

Love Life
What can I say, there really isn't much going on. I am pretty much in the same place I was last month, however I have branched out to someone I do still love despite all that has gone down. I just hope that he will at least speak to me and maybe even see what happens.. watch this space.

Harley the Dog
Harley is such a nightmare! She honestly is the clumsiest dog I know, she has cut her side!!! Thankfully it hasn't needed to be stitched, however I have had to put her cone on everyday when I am not with her.

My Dog Club, Wensum Dog Club, hosted a fun day at Frettenham Village Hall and Harley won a Clear Round Rosette in Agility and got 2nd place for the Fastest Recall! So we are very happy to be starting a collection of rosettes. Look at that face.. "and what?!?!?"

Harley also got to try out some Tails dog food, check out my review here.

Al Shaqab Lockinge Day at the Newbury Races
Myslef and fellow blogger and best friend Christie attended the Newbury Horse Racing on 14th May 2016. Christie kindly offered me her second free ticket for this day. You can check out my full review of the day here.

This month has been pretty good for Beauty Boxes, I loved the My Little Beauty box the best with Glossybox coming in second.


I have also started a new subscription to Look Incredible, and will be doing a full review of the service in June. Look Incredible offer 5 full size high end beauty products in each box, although it is a little more expensive at £18.99 + P&P. Yes this is a MAC lippie and bareMinerals!!!!!

Can't wait to do Junes Lookback!! USA!!!!!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

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