Friday, 3 June 2016

Al Shaqab Lockinge Day at the Newbury Races

When fellow blogger and best friend Christie asked me to be her plus one for a blogging opportunity and simply a good old day out with my friend, I had no option but to accept.

We attended the race course on the 14th May and where given exclusive access to the Fred Winter suite, where we were treated like royalty.

A little bit about the races... The Al Shaqab Lockinge Day is a unique event, and has been boasted as the highlight of the Flat Racing Season at Newbury racecourse sponsored by Al Shaqab Racing.  Al Shaqab is an Arabic racing group which started in 2011 and soon became one of the grandest of thoroughbred racing and features some of Europe’s finest thoroughbreds going head-to-head.

As well as being a fantastic day of racing it is also known t be one of the social highlights of the summer; with a wide range of activities during the day and live music after the races.

On arrival, we were meant to park in the posh car-park located inn the centre of the racecourse, however we parked in the public area. Bearing in mind this was by accident, however turned out to be a god send when we decided to leave early.

We were given special badges to wear on our wrists which gave us exclusive access to certain areas, after a quick perusal we decided to go and wait for the suite to open up as admittedly we were very hungry. We didn't have to wait long and were greeted with either a glass of pink champagne or freshly squeezed mock tails. We each had a different mock tail and where so impressed to see seeds at the bottom of the glass proving just how fresh it was.

I let the main organiser know about my dietary requirements and he made sure that I had gluten free options all day.

We had unlimited food and drink all day and spent the day on the balcony watching the races and doing a lot of people watching. We wouldn't have asked for better weather either, it was so warm and I think we even managed to catch the sun a little bit.

The betting process was a little complex and we had to get the betting man to explain it to us, with that we putdown a whopping £3.00 and won zilch, however we found it exciting so I am glad we did try.

When the first race came on we couldn't believe the atmosphere, when the horses headed for the finishing line the amount roars that sounded was astounding and the shear amount of people was gobsmacking. It really is an awe inspiring day, purely due to the atmosphere.

The collection of people in our suite made us feel like we were right in the middle of an episode of Gossip Girl. We swear there was a form of Chuck Bass there, I love it when you can just look at your friend and you both say I'm Chuck Bass at the same time.. knowing exactly what the other was thinking.

We did get a chance to meet some other bloggers however after inviting them over and thinking we may make some friends, I soon realised that I had made a huge mistake. No disrespect and no pun intended but they really were on their own high horses, stating how they have to 'turn stuff down'. I'm sorry but there really is no need to be that way, and to look down on us as if you're gods gift is not something I forget or forgive easily. That said they do really know how to edit the f*** out of a photo.. Catfish comes to mind. *cough* sorry was that too much???

I must admit the more I learnt about horse racing and the injuries that the horses can endure, as well as majority of the time (from what I gather) being put down, the more I dislike it. I don't really see it as a sport in my eyes and feel that the actual day out and spending tome with great friends is what we should focus on.

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