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DIWAH Customised Jewellery *

When DIWAH offered me the chance to make my own personalised jewellery how could I say no. I mean come on I am a girl at the end of the day. Due to unforeseen circumstances the DIWAH team were unable to make my necklace in time and therefore offered me additional compensation by way of a personalised bracelet to match my necklace. The personalised bracelet service is a new service the DIWAH team provide and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to get one made.

DIWAH prices start from £40.00 and there are hundreds of options to choose from. You can use one of their bespoke designs and amend it to your pleasing or you can pick one of their base templates and create a completely bespoke item. They do offer a personalised service where one of their designs can create a nice for you, don't worry they will send you pictures of the design before they make it up so you can make changes to it if you're not happy.

The team at DIWAH designed me a bespoke necklace and matching bracelet, they used the few designs I made myself using their design software to create a beautiful piece.

The DIWAH jewellery on first inspection looks to be bit in your face and cheap, however having received my necklace and bracelet can now see that, that isn't the case. I like a more subtle look and am so pleased with what they have made me.

My bespoke necklace called Tatiana came to £57.00 and the Tatiana bracelet came to £29.00, both pieces feature amethyst, agate and crystal elements. When you consider that they have used amethyst and agate, along with the handmade process the cost is actually quite reasonable.

The team were kind enough to send me pictures of my necklace and bracelet being made, which I think is amazing because you can see the care and pride they take in creating your unique piece.

When I received this beautiful picture from the DIWAH team of my finalised jewellery, I could wait to actually get this and out them on. I love the subtle design, symmetry and purple touches, which will make the majority of my plain outfits pop. 

When my package arrived I was so excited to see what kind of quality the jewellery made for me was like, the packaging was beautiful in a pretty black box with a pink ribbon to finish off the look. Within the box the necklace and bracelet were wrapped up in pink tissue paper with a personalised note from the DIWAH team to myself, wishing me a happy time in USA.

The necklace and bracelet are such great quality, I was surprised to see how heavy they were. The composition of all the elements together really make a beautiful design, I am so happy with them both.

I have to say I was unable to wear these in USA for long as I have a nickel allergy and they made me come up in a rash. In the UK I was able to wear it all day so it can't have too much nickel in, must just be the hot weather and sweat.

The other downside to these pieces is the face that the necklace has broken twice now. For £57.00 I don't think it should break at all. It was an easy fix but still not great really. So in my opinion they should really solder/ weld the connections together in order for them to not break so easily; and after wearing them I have changed my mind on the quality of the products, in that they aren't as great as they seemed to be on first inspection.

The DIWAH team have given me a code for all my lovely readers to get 30% off any purchase and whats more is the code has unlimited use! Just type ROMANOVS30 in the voucher code box at checkout.

I think this unique service is great for any jewellery lover and can make a brilliant gift for any one.


After wearing these items in America and having some issues I contacted the team at DIWAH and was not impressed with their response. They have messed me about since day one and just seemed to want to brush me off.

I apologise for the size of the image below, however you can zoom in to read the comments they sent me back. I informed them that the necklace had broken twice during my time wearing it and that I didn't think this was acceptable for a £57.00 necklace, they didn't seem to really acknowledge my compliant and brushed it off with the fact they are still in testing. Needless to say I was not impressed with this response and let them know that and still haven't heard anything back.

Their customer service seems to be pretty shoddy and the quality of their products isn't worth the amount of money they charge for their items.

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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