Thursday, 16 June 2016

Sainsbury's Tu Haul

Everyone loves a little splurge every now and again and when I popped into to Sainsbury's one lunch time and there was a 50% off sale I had to have a snout about. 

These flip-flops are to die for, although they weren't in the sale for £14 I had to have them. I only own one other pair and with my USA trip coming up I needed to get them for the hot weather. They are super comfy and go well with just about anything.

Now I probably didn't need 'another' bag, however come one girls just look at it! I also thought even though I do have a crappy travel bag for USA, having a nice one for the casual days out would be nice too. I especially bought it because it was in the sale for £9.00, now that's a bargain! It is the perfect size for all my essentials, and the open cut work detail is gorgeous, along with the pastel purple colour making it perfect for the summer.

These earrings weren't in the sale, however I was actually in need of some new ones having thrown a load of mismatched ones away. They were £7.00 and are really cute, I really liked the fact that they do not exactly match. These again will go with pretty much any outfit and are even good for work as they aren't too over the top.

Last but not least are these new boots! I love my boots, especially now owning a dog wearing heels is not practical half the time, I mean imagine trying to hold onto an extremely strong dog whilst balancing on your heels... not going to happen believe me I've tried. So when I spotted these for just £10.00 I had to have them. They are cute ankle boots that are so comfortable and again can go with pretty much any outfit. I think the cutwork detail and airy material are great for the summer, if the heat actually stays, blasted UK weather.

Have you found any bargains recently?



  1. Cute sandals! Who knew sainsburys could be so chic!


  2. Hey Mary,

    I know right and for a great price too they are super comfy as well. :)


  3. Great post, love having a snout in peoples bags! Didn't realise we had the same rucksack.. Very by any chance? ;) haha.

    Christie x


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