Monday, 20 June 2016

What's in My Bag - Travel Edition

Right so because my previous What’s in my Bag post went off without a hitch, I thought it would be fun to do one for my travel bag/s.

As you may already be aware I am jetting off to the USA and cannot wait although I will miss Harley terribly. I have also been involved in a car accident so cannot carry too much or move very fast, although it’s all muscular and whiplash I am still in pain. Therefore poor old Adam has to carry all the bags :P

So first up my Handbag is from Sainsbury's, you may recognise it from my Tu Haul, my Backpack is a Jack Wolfskin Laptop bag. Also, note that I was unable to include my Nikon Coolpix P610 Camera in the photo as I used it to take the photos.

Obviously, we have our passports and all other relevant paperwork such as travel insurance etc. We are Dual National so have to travel out on our US Passports and back on our British ones. 

Money, that's a given, you need money for anything these days especially spending money.

Make-up, I have all my liquids in my exclusive Glossybox bag and my powders and brushes in my exclusive Love Me Beauty bag, always try to remember the 100ml rule with liquids people.

Hair Brush, no one wants tangled hair least of all me. 

Wires such as chargers, earphones and that sort of thing, last thing you want to do is forget those.

My Laptop, I wanted to bring my MacBook Air so I can make sure I back up all my photos and videos and hopefully do some blogs for you guys whilst I am away. Speaking of I have got myself a new Camcorder to do just that for you guys.

My Kindle, I take this with me pretty much everywhere because I love to read and its perfect for waiting around and things like that. 

Earplugs and my Eye Mask (never know the actual name for that?? please someone tell me), I need dead silence and darkness to sleep. God, I sound like a vampire or something, but seriously I do and a tired Kim is a grouchy Kim. 

Painkillers, prescribed by the Doc due to my car accident.. boohoo… but yeah need them too that's that.

Mint Humbugs for sucking hard things on the plane.. ugh hum.. sorry just thought I’d add a little humor.

Finally, Harley's Eeyore teddy, because I am weird and it smells like her so I want to smell it so I feel close to my baby. Any haters just walk on, cos you don't know love till you've owned a dog.. like seriously!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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