Saturday, 30 July 2016

Not Shabby Very Chic TreatBox July Box

After the massive disappointment of Look Incredible, I decided I would look for a new subscription box and stubbled across this one. I decided to buy myself the July Box because they had some left over and I really liked the look of the contents.


Friday, 29 July 2016

My Little Box July 2016 Coconuts Edition

My Little Box have once again out done themselves with such a gorgeous box. With my obsession wth Coconut Oil, this box has really hit the spot with me. 

Bracelet My Little Box Stella and Dot, R.R.P £18.00. After receiving a gorgeous ring back in May, I was excited to see another piece of jewellery. This bracelet is so pretty and is very unique, I love the little tassel too.

Noix De Coco Eua De Toilette Yves Rocher, R.R.P £7.00. This little perfume bottle is amazing, it smells divine and lasts such a long time. The coconut scent is very subtle yet super sweet. I really love this perfume and am so happy that this box has introduced me to it.
Use code MLB10 for 10% off your shopping basket when you spend £8.00 or more at

Merck Handy Coco Rico Hand Cleansing Gel, R.R.P £2.50. This little pocket friendly hand gel is perfect for days out or little trips, or even just to leave on your desk at work. It quickly soaks into your skin giving you a fresh feeling and doesn't leave your hands feeling tacky like some can do. The smell is lovely and would you believe it smells of coconut!

Passport Holder, R.R.P £11.00. This passport holder will certainly come in handy considering I have two passports, the packaging it came in too was so pretty I had to show you all. The material is super soft and seems to be excellent quality. Te design is very cute and will be a valued cover for my passport.

My Little Beauty Brume De Coco Apres Soleil (Coconut Spritzer After Sun Spray), R.R.P £10.00. With me having had sunburn on holiday and now skin peeling this is a great life saver. The formula is silky with an amazing smell of coconut, the spray mechanism is great for those hard to reach areas. It sinks into your skin easily making you feel refreshed and moisturised. The only thing I will say is be careful where you spray it as the residue will make the floor slippery.

Ojon Rare Blend Moisture Therapy Oil, sample size, R.R.P £30.00 for 45ml. I am loving that My Little Box have been giving us extra little products in our boxes. This little sample is definitely a converter in that I now need it in my hair care routine. I think the oil is really funky when it settles, with yellow on the top and blue on the bottom, you have to shake it well to mix all the products together. They claim that you only need one drop, however I don't feel like there's enough product to get through all of my hair so use a little more.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Look Incredible July 2016

Look Incredible is quite an expensive subscription box so when I received this months box I was sorely disappointed yet again. Needless to say I have now cancelled my subscription with them. I have had no end of problems with them and this month was no exception, the information sheet showed that I should have received a Giorgio Armani Waterproof Eye pencil however received a lipgloss. After discussing this with Look Incredible they just said that this was a misprint, something I think is a cop out and the issues seem to keep happening to me. 

Nancy Marvel 4 in 1 Blending Sponge, R.R.P £5.95. I am not a great fan of sponges and thought for the sake of this post I would give it another go. This particular sponge boasts 4 in 1 benefits, not that I can see how it's a sponge at the end of the day. I found that I used double the amount of product compared to a brush and still didn't get enough coverage, for me this was a fail.

Ultrasound Sports SPF50, R.R.P £24.99. After receiving sunscreens in my other subscription boxes last month it's safe to say I was not pleased to find yet another sunscreen in another box. Especially Factor 50, I don't really know anyone that uses that Factor. That said sunscreen is always important and this brand is supposed to be waterproof for sports, so perfect for your kiddies on sports day or just down the beach.

Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Lipgloss, R.R.P £27.00. Aghhh why is it that I keep getting sent lipsticks I am not going to wear or use. I hate and I mean HATE lip glosses. On top of that I wasn't even supposed to have received this in my box, I was supposed to have gotten an eyeliner. That would have been better than this even if the colour wasn't supposed to be great. I have given this to my mum as I know she likes these type of colours and she seems to really like it so at least that's something.

Urban Decay Lush Lash System, R.R.P £28.00. This is possibly the only thing in this months box that got me excited. This product claims to make your lashes 25% longer and thicker in just two weeks, this system combats breakage and resists loss of lashes. This is a two step system applied at night, first is the clear gel-like serum which is applied like a liner to the top line of your lashes. This serum claims to penetrate the roots to accelerate your growth with use of peptides and stimulates with keratin to lengthen them. Step two is the conditioning mask applied with a wand to your lashes, is combined with peptides and a high potency of ingredients such as Vitamin E. This again is to increase growth, Having only used this for a week or so I can not really comment on growth. I can however say that since using this I have not had the need to use my eyelash curlers, my natural lases are naturally curled making them appear longer.

Cite Corrupted Neon Manicure, R.R.P £9.99. Seriously not another Ciate nail kit, after receiving one in last months box and not getting this one I have since cancelled my subscription. It just seems to me that they are just trying to get rid of anything they have over ordered on or cannot sell themselves. This particular kit is for those that want to put glitter on their nails, for me that's just not something I would ever do and seems a little childish.

As I have said, nay moaned, above I am extremely disappointed in this box and would strongly recommend anyone to not go for this service. The customer service is shocking and the box itself is really not worth the money in my eyes. As one of the more pricer subscriptions I expected better.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 25 July 2016

Glossybox July 2016

This months Glossybox in all was pretty good, although there is one product I wouldn't even buy let alone use.


Saturday, 23 July 2016

Pandora Freshwater Grey Pearl Earrings - T H Baker*

When I was offered the chance to review these gorgeous earrings from T H Baker I couldn't wait to wear them. T H Baker are a  certified Pandora Online Retailer.

These earrings are sterling silver and cost only £35.00 with free same day UK Delivery if ordered before 4pm. The T H Baker delivery was mega quick and arrived within 2 working days.

When they arrived it come with the signature Pandora bag and box, completed with the dusty pink ribbon. Perfect for if you wanted to give someone a gift and still wanted them wrapped up in the Pandora gift bags.

These earrings are so delicate looking but are as sturdy as anything, really a great gift for anyone or as a little treat for yourself. I think for £35.00 these are amazing value, especially for the Pandora brand which can sometimes be over priced.

I really do love these earrings and think they add an elegant look to my everyday outfits, with a flower style setting for the pearls.

You can follow T H Baker on: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+.

* I received this product from T H Baker for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Friday, 22 July 2016

June Pawsome Box*

When I was sent Junes Pawsome Box to review, I was super happy to give Harley the rewards of me blogging.

The Pawsome box is a subscription box for Dogs, which offers 6 products  in each box suited to your dogs profile. The products will all be centred around your dog from treats to hygiene products.

They offer 1, 3, 6 & 12 Month subscriptions starting from £19.90 a month including P&P.

First up are the treats which are always a massive hit for any dog and Harley loved them all. These Good Boy Chicken Bites are a favourite of Harley's and are so cute cut in heart shapes. They are all natural chicken packed with goodness for your doggies.

The second treat in the box was quite strange, Dog Popcorn which is liver flavoured. Seeing as it was gluten free I thought I would try it too and it didn't taste too bad at all, like savoury popcorn. The biggest thing I noticed when I opened the package was that they looked like polystyrene. Harley loved these and just wanted more and more.

These Hygiene wipes are superb in a small packaging perfect for on the go. The only downside is that I think I would need to use the whole pack for Harley as she is a large dog. They smell lovely and do refresh your dog quickly and efficiently.

I always find that as a dog owner you can never have too many leads, and this particular one is lovely with such a true saying on it. "Keep calm and have a walk", a good walk with your dog can calm you down from pretty much any situation.
This lead is great quality and seems to be very strong with a great sized clip for connecting to the collar, which is good considering Harley is a very strong dog.

Next up are the toys, and again these are essential for any dog to keep their minds busy. Chewing can be a problem for some dog owners, however I think I am quite lucky on that front as Harley will chew her toys instead of any of my furniture. This squeaky chicken leg is the perfect size for Harley and provided many hours of fun for her. The only downside is that whenever she decides she wants to chew this toy it won't last two minutes with her chew strength, I mean I got her some baseballs recently and they lasted all of two minutes.

Smart Paw Burly Stick Chew Toy, this one seems to be a little more sturdy and I think the rope within the dog toy is a wonderful idea.

Overall I was pretty impressed with this box and think it is a great treat for anyone that loves their dog. The only downside for me is the fact that the toys won't last very long with Harley.

* I received this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Thursday, 21 July 2016

June Lookback

What with me being away and having had a car crash I have found it hard to find the time to write about all that's happened in June, let alone remember it.


Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Neals Yard Remedies Hamper*

At the Norwich Bloggers Event I won this amazing hamper of Neals Yard Remedies products, all worth £137.50. It was certainly a great end to a beautiful day. 

Wild Rose Beauty Balm, R.R.P £38.00. This balm is so moisturising and hasn't made me break out at all. This balm has multiple uses as a rich cleanser, gentle exfoliant, full facial treatment and/ or a deeply nourishing balm. 
  1. Rich cleanser: remove excess make-up, moisten skin with warm water then gently massage on the balm. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.
  2. Gentle exfoliant: cleanse as above, then use the muslin cloth, dampened with hot water, to wipe away the balm in a gentle, circular movement.
  3. Nourishing balm: Apply sparingly to clean, dry skin. Paying particular attention to dry and dehydrated areas
  4. As part of a full facial treatment to decongest and enrich the skin - follow all three steps above. Finish with Wild Rose Beauty Elixir.
The smell is divine, the smell of all these products are actually. I will say that it is best to remove make-up prior to cleansing with this balm as it doesn't work well at removing your makeup.

Organic Facial Wipes, R.R.P £5.50. These wipes are great, they are super wet and really effectively remove makeup without pulling on your lashes. Your skin is left supple and soft with a really amazing refreshed feeling. 

Frankincense Intense Eye Cream, R.R.P £45.00. This eye cream has a lovely formula that really makes your skin feel awakened and really does reduce dark circles and puffiness. Used day and night can increase the benefits ten fold and again doesn't break out my skin.

Geranium & Orange Body Balm, R.R.P £30.00. This body balm is deeply nourishing, uplifting, improves suppleness and is excellent for dry and dull skin. Best used after exfoliation and can be used as an after sun for burned or tanned skin. This product is very rich and does take time to sink in so don't use it right before you want to get dressed or go out, but it is amazing right before bed as a relaxation method. 

Base Massage Oil, R.R.P £6.50. God these products really make me wish I had a boyfriend so that he could give me a loving massage, one can only dream. I am a big lover of massage oils and massages at that, so when I got this I was super happy, although it isn't easy to give yourself a massage. I have used this oil to moisturise and give myself a mini massage, it works great and really does help to relax you. 

This oil is fragrance free, therefore is perfect for any type of massage and can be enhanced by adding your favourite essential oils. 

Rose & Pomegranate Bath Oil, R.R.P £12.50. This oil is amazing, I seriously love having this is the bath. The scent is decadent with damask rose, patchouli leaf, cedar wood and bergamot pure aromatherapy essences. Very relaxing, mood balancing and perfect after a hard day or simply as a relaxation method before bed.

* I received these products for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Monday, 18 July 2016

Norwich Bloggers Event July 2016*

The lovely ladies behind the Norwich Bloggers, set up an event at The Mash & Tun in Norwich on Sunday 9th July. It was a great chance for bloggers to meet each other and collaborate with local businesses. We saw the likes of Benefit, Jarrold's, Lisa Angel, Exposed, Arbonne, The Curl Company, White Rabbit Gifts, Neals Yard Remedies Massage Therapist & Milk and Moss Coffee.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Discover Arbonne Event

When Christie invited me along to the Discover Arbonne Event, how could I say no. A day playing with make-up and time with the bestie.. its a no brainer. 

When we first arrived it was a little daunting because we walked into a room with only a few people sitting at a table with make-up being placed ion the middle of the table. 

We very quickly became aquatinted with Shelly, Laura, Anna & Claire, some fellow bloggers and all seemed to get on really well, having all the same views about how bloggers should help each other out and give support wherever we can. It was really refreshing to actually be able to discuss different methods of doing blogging things and not feel like you were being looked down on for having such a silly conversation.

The Arbonne women were fantastic and really made us all feel welcome, answering all our ridiculous questions and allowing us to try everything out and create flat lays with all the products.

So what is Arbonne.. it’s a beauty company with a range of products for skincare, nutrition, make-up, hair, baby, bath and body. Being established for over 40 years, with over 500 products formulated in Switzerland, there is plenty to choose from and to suit all ranges of personal requirements. 

All the make-up we tried is began friendly, gluten free and kosher, the prices seem to be reasonable in the same region as MAC, bareMinerals and Clinique.

We were first shown the primer, which was super smoothing and mattifying; the formula was so silky that it sweeps over the face effortlessly. 

Next up were the foundations, which are all oil free with SPF 15. The liquid foundation has  over 12 shades, is the Arbonne team can colour match you on request. Christie seemed to really like the liquid foundation and said it was really light and buildable. I prefer mineral powder foundation, so when they showed me there's I was keen to give it a go. The colour options aren't great, however of you do match the colours then this is a really nice formula that builds so easily providing excellent overage.

Setting Powder, this is a new product to me and one I think I need to invest in. Their setting powder is slightly luminous and does look to be mega sparkly in the pot but once it is applied and spread over your face it does fade to nearly un-noticeable. This powder effortlessly sets your foundation and make-up which is something we all want, to look perfect all day long.

Bronzer, the main downside to this product is that there is only one shade; however they claim that it suits all skin shades. This should be used with an angular brush to get right under your cheekbones so you can blend and build the product to your satisfaction. For me I think you need to have some different shades to choose from, if not if you're darker skinned you will be using more product more quickly to get the right shade by building as opposed to a fair skinned person that will only need a light stroke. The other downside for my personal preference is that this is a shimmery bronzer, in my mind you should never use a shimmery bronzer.

Concealer, there are only 3 shades of this, light, medium and dark. I found these to be really disappointing because the undertones for all were pink, so if you have yellow undertones like me then there's no luck for you I’m afraid. 

CC Cream, again another product I am not really familiar with, this particular one claims to have 10 in 1 benefits. Apparently being a moisturiser, concealer, foundation and highlighter all in one. Again the colour options aren't great with only a few to choose from and again with mostly pink undertones there's none for yellow people like me. 

Ooo when we finally got to the lippies I was so disappointed to find that they do not do ANY matte shades, the Arbonne crew did say that the lipsticks do dry to a slightly matte finish once the gloss has worn off.. not really great for me. The wear time is supposed to be very long and yes I did smell them and they smelt lovely like flowers. There are 16 shades of these gloss lipsticks which is great for you guys that don't just like matte.

We did come away with some freebies, some hand cream, facial cream with SPF in it and some colour protect hair serum. 

I would defiantly go again if there was another event and would love to meet lots of new bloggers again. The only thing I would say to the Arbonne team would be that if they had some make-up samples for us next time that would be better, so we can give a proper review. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Love Me Beauty June 2016

This is my last Love Me Beauty post, as I have now cancelled my subscription. Again there wasn't really much to choose from and so I ended up doubling up on the Tangle Teezers, however that has meant I defiantly got my moneys worth. This months make-up bag was actually a nice one and one that will actually get some use.


Sunday, 10 July 2016

My Car Crash Experience

On my way home from work on 13th June 2016, I was involved in a car accident on the A47 in Norwich. I was not at fault and was extremely pissed off because I was due to fly the following Monday to the States.

So what happened, well I was driving home from work in the fast lane, the weather conditions were wet. I had started to slow down as the cars ahead had started to stop, and use as I became stationary I heard a bang and all of a sudden saw this black car swerve into the centre of the road and got hit. 


Monday, 4 July 2016

Tudor's First Birthday Present

Unfortunately I have missed Tudors First Birthday and although he won't remember I will so I had to ensure I got him a really cool and thoughtful gift that will last him a lifetime.

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