Saturday, 16 July 2016

Discover Arbonne Event

When Christie invited me along to the Discover Arbonne Event, how could I say no. A day playing with make-up and time with the bestie.. its a no brainer. 

When we first arrived it was a little daunting because we walked into a room with only a few people sitting at a table with make-up being placed ion the middle of the table. 

We very quickly became aquatinted with Shelly, Laura, Anna & Claire, some fellow bloggers and all seemed to get on really well, having all the same views about how bloggers should help each other out and give support wherever we can. It was really refreshing to actually be able to discuss different methods of doing blogging things and not feel like you were being looked down on for having such a silly conversation.

The Arbonne women were fantastic and really made us all feel welcome, answering all our ridiculous questions and allowing us to try everything out and create flat lays with all the products.

So what is Arbonne.. it’s a beauty company with a range of products for skincare, nutrition, make-up, hair, baby, bath and body. Being established for over 40 years, with over 500 products formulated in Switzerland, there is plenty to choose from and to suit all ranges of personal requirements. 

All the make-up we tried is began friendly, gluten free and kosher, the prices seem to be reasonable in the same region as MAC, bareMinerals and Clinique.

We were first shown the primer, which was super smoothing and mattifying; the formula was so silky that it sweeps over the face effortlessly. 

Next up were the foundations, which are all oil free with SPF 15. The liquid foundation has  over 12 shades, is the Arbonne team can colour match you on request. Christie seemed to really like the liquid foundation and said it was really light and buildable. I prefer mineral powder foundation, so when they showed me there's I was keen to give it a go. The colour options aren't great, however of you do match the colours then this is a really nice formula that builds so easily providing excellent overage.

Setting Powder, this is a new product to me and one I think I need to invest in. Their setting powder is slightly luminous and does look to be mega sparkly in the pot but once it is applied and spread over your face it does fade to nearly un-noticeable. This powder effortlessly sets your foundation and make-up which is something we all want, to look perfect all day long.

Bronzer, the main downside to this product is that there is only one shade; however they claim that it suits all skin shades. This should be used with an angular brush to get right under your cheekbones so you can blend and build the product to your satisfaction. For me I think you need to have some different shades to choose from, if not if you're darker skinned you will be using more product more quickly to get the right shade by building as opposed to a fair skinned person that will only need a light stroke. The other downside for my personal preference is that this is a shimmery bronzer, in my mind you should never use a shimmery bronzer.

Concealer, there are only 3 shades of this, light, medium and dark. I found these to be really disappointing because the undertones for all were pink, so if you have yellow undertones like me then there's no luck for you I’m afraid. 

CC Cream, again another product I am not really familiar with, this particular one claims to have 10 in 1 benefits. Apparently being a moisturiser, concealer, foundation and highlighter all in one. Again the colour options aren't great with only a few to choose from and again with mostly pink undertones there's none for yellow people like me. 

Ooo when we finally got to the lippies I was so disappointed to find that they do not do ANY matte shades, the Arbonne crew did say that the lipsticks do dry to a slightly matte finish once the gloss has worn off.. not really great for me. The wear time is supposed to be very long and yes I did smell them and they smelt lovely like flowers. There are 16 shades of these gloss lipsticks which is great for you guys that don't just like matte.

We did come away with some freebies, some hand cream, facial cream with SPF in it and some colour protect hair serum. 

I would defiantly go again if there was another event and would love to meet lots of new bloggers again. The only thing I would say to the Arbonne team would be that if they had some make-up samples for us next time that would be better, so we can give a proper review. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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