Thursday, 21 July 2016

June Lookback

What with me being away and having had a car crash I have found it hard to find the time to write about all that's happened in June, let alone remember it.

As you are already aware I was involved in a road traffic accident, this happened at the worst time possible exactly a week before I was due to go to USA. I seriously cannot believe that it happened to me, I am still suffering from the whiplash I suffered during the incident. Having had 4 weeks off work and trying to go back I am now off again due to the pain and the medication the quaks have given me. You can read all about it in a post I did on the crash and holding a wee in for about 3-4 hours!

Just before going away I was lucky enough to attend the Discover Arbonne Event with my fellow friend and blogger Christie. We had a great morning playing with make-up and finding out all about the brand. We will be attending another event in August to discover more about the brand.

Being away I missed one of my Best Friends Birthday, Suzanne. I am sure she had a fabulous day and that she was split. I do really wish I could have been there for her and to give her, her present on her actual day, however I had to go to USA to actually get it. I think she really liked it and was super happy with her very own Pandora Disney Anna Crown charm.

Christie also had her Birthday in conjunction with my twin cousins in USA. I thought it would be a great treat to introduce her to My Little Box and have bought her a 3 months subscription. She is loving the boxes and may have even converted from Glossybox to them! You can check out her first review of the box here.

USA Holiday
This will be a two part piece in that I spent the end of June in USA and the start of July too. I have done some vlogs for the trip which you can view here, I was so happy to finally go back to USA and see my family. It was the first time I got to see my fathers house and where he actually lived. We did so much and I got to go to some of the filming locations for One Tree Hill, something I will have to do a separate post on for fellow OTH fans. 

I have had some new obsessions recently one of which is Nyx, the brand is now available in some Boots stores. I went a little mental and bought so many new lippies and cannot wait till I get paid to purchase the Lingerie Lippies. I mean I love them!

My Little Box have once again out done themselves with an awesome box. You can check out my full review here.

I was finally sent my DIWAH jewellery and was so happy when it arrived. The jewellery was gorgeous and can be used to make the simplest of outfits pop. After wearing them in USA I was disappointed with the quality as the necklace broke twice on me. The customer service I received after my complaint was pretty poor, especially considering the necklace would have cost £57.00. 

I also received a box for Harley, the Pawsome Box. Harley was very pleased with all the items we received and will get hours of fun from the toys. 

Love Life
A while back I put my heart out there and wrote someone important to me a letter. Silly I know to write a letter these days, but I just feel like it's still the best way to communicate if not face to face. There's something about putting pen to paper that just makes me feel like I can be complexly honest and it's a final sort of hope for me.

I did hear back and after what I thought was a hopefully week of talking, it all haltered and felt as if had all slipped away. I don't really know what or if anything will ever happen but I guess all I can do is carry on as I am and let what will be, be. 


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