Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Love Me Beauty June 2016

This is my last Love Me Beauty post, as I have now cancelled my subscription. Again there wasn't really much to choose from and so I ended up doubling up on the Tangle Teezers, however that has meant I defiantly got my moneys worth. This months make-up bag was actually a nice one and one that will actually get some use.

Tangle Teezers Original & Thick and Curly, R.R.P £10.60 each. I swear by these, they are just amazing. They don't pull on your hair and easily remove knots and/or tangles and as an added bonus they don't rip you hair out like traditional brushes. I chose from the two options available, and although I don't have thick curly hair I love the brush for it, the bristles are longer than the original brush and really make it through to your scalp.  Honestly if you or your child suffers from having their hair brushed you NEED to get one of these.

Lord & Berry Skin Lipgloss in Coral, R.R.P £10.00. I haven't really heard of this brand before and am not a massive fan of lip-glosses, however this particular one isn't sticky like you would imagine. The formula is moisturising and the colour isn't bright like it seems in the photo below, it comes out a soft subtle colour with a tiny bit of sheen. The wear time isn't great, however I didn't expect it to be from a gloss.

Lord & Berry Seta Eye shadow in Wish, R.R.P £12.00. I picked this colour because it was the best option for me out of the selection available, the other options were far too bright and out there for my liking. Once applied the colour isn't very highly pigmented so doesn't come off very dark, which is perfect for not looking like you have a black eye. as for the wear time this is pretty poor especially for a £12.00 eye shadow! So I can safely say I wont be buying this again!

Overall I am happy with my last months selection although I'd have been happier with more option's. 

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