Monday, 4 July 2016

Tudor's First Birthday Present

Unfortunately I have missed Tudors First Birthday and although he won't remember I will so I had to ensure I got him a really cool and thoughtful gift that will last him a lifetime.

I researched gifts for 1st Birthdays and came across some personalised books. This particular book uses their name and you can also make the character look like them by choosing between three options with different hair and skin colour.

The book is called Lost My Name and travels through a story with the child to fins their name using the first letter of whatever he or she may come by, therefore ending with all the letters to spell out their name.

Every book is different and you have the choice to change some elements of the story. The illustrations are all hand drawn ignorer to bring your book to life and on top of that you have can choose from three options. You can choose either a soft cover standard book (£19.99), hardcover (£29.99) or the deluxe book with a hardcover, a cloth-bound spine and comes in a lovely presentation box (£34.99). I have obviously opted for the deluxe edition.

You can preview the book and change certain elements such as above we had a Troll for the T but this can be changed to a Tarantula, but knowing Suz is scared of spiders I opted for the Troll.

I think this is an awesome present for anyone to give their child, godson/ goddaughter, nice or nephew. I think even though he is only 1 he is an extremely intelligent child and will benefit from this book in learning his name. I also know that his Mum Suzanne will absolutely love this present as it is educational as well as fun.

I do hope that they love it and keep it for all time. I will certainly be getting this again for my other friend with a baby and may even get the other personalised book for Tudor for Christmas. 

The delivery was super quick too and the book was very well protected too. The pages are very thick and are be excellent quality, the same goes for the display box. 

I cannot recommend this book enough, and hope Tudor gets lots of fun out of it. 


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