Monday, 22 August 2016

Glossybox August 2016 5th Birthday

This is my last month of Glossybox, as I have decided to cancel sue to the fact that their products are mediocre at best. I have discovered other boxes which I think are much better, such as My Little Box and therefore can't justify the extra cost.

I am happy to have ended on quite a nice box, it is a limited edition in collaboration with luxe accessory label Rae Feather. This is Glossybox's 5th Birthday and I think they have done pretty well with the box. It is so cute and will go great in my office. 

In combination with the Birthday edit we all received a Mini Monogram Pochette by Rae Feather, R.R.P £20.00.  I have to admit that I do quite like this little pouch and it is actually the perfect size for me purse. That said I really don't think this is worth £20.00, come on it's a bit of fabric and only has that proce tag because of the collaboration with someone I have never heard of!

Musmasky  Facial Detox Purifying Recovery Mask, R.R.P £53.00. As you can probably tell this is not the full size, lets not be silly! Glossybox is know for giving sample sizes and only when they do give full size products they are rarely worth more than £10.00. The mask itself is actually quite nice and did make my skin feel purified, although I don't think I would spend £53.00 on a facial mask.

Again another tiny sample of Cowshed Wild Cow Invigorating Body Lotion, R.R.P £20.00. I am not joking, but I literally used the whole sample last night for my legs and arms only! Although the product was nice and did moisturise me well, it didn't go very far. Thanks for making the whole thing a lot worse Glossybox.

Spa To You Deep Pore Facial Cleansing Brush, R.R.P £6.99. This is full size and no surprise it's under £10.00! This is possibly the only item in the box I was excited about, loosely using the word excited here too. I have heard the raves about these type of facial brushes and am glad I have one to try out. I found it to be quite scratchy on my skin, however I think that's what it's supposed to feel like if it is going to effectively removed dead skin etc.
I did find this to be great for exfoliation and did remove excess oils and crap on my face. I would suggest cleansing your face prior to use other wise you will get it covered in make-up and then it will be no good at all.

All Glossy's got to choose a MUA palette last month, which would be in this months box. I went for Sixties Siren which as you can see is not the one I received! I have this one already (Hall of Fame) and know they are fairly good., however this is one of the reasons I left, we have had a few MUA palettes and they aren't very expensive retailing for £4.00.  Especially when you see what the USA Glossy's get.. Booo!!! I am also extremely disappointed that we didn't receive the palettes we wanted, I have seen many Glossy's moaning about this and find it despicable that they have screwed up so tremendously.

Yet again I am disappointed with Glossybox, and am so so so happy I chose to leave. They have kept to their usual and only given samples of the good stuff and the two full sized products this month come to a whopping £11.00 together! That combined with the fact they screwed up my MUA Palette, I can safely say Goodbye Glossybox you will not be missed!

 Myself and Christie have contacted Glossybox to see what they were going to do in regards to their royal screw up. They replied saying that they had sent out an email that should appease everyone, however we have still not received said email. I have chased them several times and yet have had no response. I find this highly frustrating and very poor on their part, I will continue to chase them and will let them know how disappointed I am with their despicable customer service.

Glossybox finally came through and sent me a replacement MUA palette in Starry Night, this was still not the palette I chose! I had spoken to the team and they had assured me that my Sixties Siren palette was in stock and therefore should have arrived. The only good thing is that I received this little lippy as an additional sorry item.

Needless to say I am not pleased and cannot believe they screwed up once again! They have also not responded to Christie, who was a long standing Glossy.

If I were you and you want a good box I would head over to My Little Box and get your first box for £11.00 with the code IWANTTHISBOX. 


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