Wednesday, 17 August 2016

July Lookback

I can't believe it is August already and that I am writing my July Lookback!

Well as you are aware I was in USA for the end of June and beginning of July. I have posted my One Tree Hill Filming Location's for you all and have yet to write up a full post on all I did in USA. What with the weather turning dreary again I do find myself longing for USA, especially when you combine this with my lack of company at present. Just feel like I wont find the one until I move there... (Brother in the picture below at Chimney Rock, North Carolina)

Life in General
Having started my Physio Therapy and trying to recover from my car crash, I feel like my life is a bit meh right now. One second I start to feel better and think whoop I can do stuff, then the next I am in so much pain I can hardly move. This leads you to get a little depressed, combine that with the fact that I am putting on weight with no way to exercise other than walking the small distances I can, you can see why I am feeling pretty deflated lately.

I have not been the best at work either, with having to have odd days off due to my back. I am just starting to think what the heck is the point right now.

Harley has given me some hassle too, just to add a cherry to the top, ever since I have had her back from a holiday home she is a different dog. I do honestly think that something may have happened whilst she was in someone else's care and with so many other dogs, but the guy isn't going to own up is he! She has started to go for other dogs, she was never like that, she was always the one to run away and be friendly.

I have sought advice and now have a solution, which to her credit seems to actually be working. So hopefully I can start having her off lead again, basically we just have to keep her attention on us around other dogs and give her treats for being goof and ignoring them.

This is non existent! Not really much more to say other than I feel like I'm destined to be alone forever!

Although I have noticed I seem to be mostly attracted to guys with the names starting with a M?? Like what's that all about? Most of them are either useless, dooshbags or just simple taken...

I have had so many goodies this month, mostly items I have bought myself.

I also had the usual Glossybox and My Little Box Deliveries, but my new treat for myself is this TreatBox subscription.

I spent so much on make-up whilst in USA and you can check out my full review of them here and here.

I got some good freebies too, for me to review and keep.

Pandora Freshwater Pearl Earrings. These are gorgeous and so elegant.

Eden's Semilla Jojoba Oil. This oil is pretty amazing and really does help with hair and nail growth.

I hope you have enjoyed the little read, as dreary as it is. What did you get up to in July?

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