Monday, 8 August 2016

One Tree Hill Filming Locations

As a massive fan of One Tree Hill, I saw visiting my Dad in Charleston as a great opportunity to go to where OTH was filmed. Wilmington North Carolina. Prior to my visit I spent some time creating the attached PDF map for all to download. I would say that you need a good day to get round everything and would also need a car to get to Tric and Brookes House.

We visited on ... and managed to visit everywhere but Tric, due to the weather and timing.

First up we visited Karen's Café, which has been completely remodelled.

Next we found our way to the epic OTH Bridge, which has been featured in many films and T.V. programmes. This was a bit of a walk and did feel like you were walking through the bad part of town, but being with my dad and brother I felt safe.

After that we made our way to where Haley and Nathan had their first date and he gave her a bracelet. We had a job to find this as there was so much construction going onto the Riverwalk, I think we actually walked straight past it twice. It was behind a large building I think opposite Dock St. It is clear which seat it is from the many comments written on and opposite it.

From here we went straight to Market Street where you can find a cute little shop with OTH merchandise. The Black Cat Shoppe - 8 Market Street - Wilmington, NC 28412. I bought myself some postcards, a magnet and a Keith Scott Hoodie.

We then decided to drive to a central location between Peyton and Karen & Lucas's House.

Although the colouring isn't the same, you can see which one is Peytons House, in the show it shows as a stand alone property however there are a few houses around it and is located right on a corner.

Karen and Lucas's House was also easy for me to spot, at the time we visited, it was up for sale and didn't have the swing out front. It also didn't have the red door either. This was located a bit further down the street compared to Peyton's so don't fear you will find it just walk down a little further, round a bendy street.

Our final stop was Brooke's House, we had a bit of a drive to try and find this one. Located off of S 17th Street, find Glen Meade Rd and then turn right onto Delaney Avenue, then a right onto Druid Lane which leads you to Tattlersalls Drive on the next right.

All in all I was pretty pleased with being able to see all that I did. It was after day and I even think the boys had fun too. If you are as big a fan as I am then you should defiantly give this town a visit. It has lots to do besides just visiting OTH locations, we even camped over the night before to ensure we had enough time to browse and find all the places I wanted to see. Who's a spoilt girl that should live behind a red door???? Me! 


  1. This is so cool that you were able to visit those places :)

  2. Hi The Style Researcher, Thank you. I did have fun and hope you enjoyed the post :)

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    1. Thank you for the support, I am glad you found my post informational and enjoyed reading it.


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