Friday, 12 August 2016

TreatBox August 2016

I was so happy when this months TreatBox arrived, it really was a special treat and defiantly brightened my day.

I do really like all the prints we get in each box and love everything. The lights featured in all photos were part of the box too, I was so glad to get these as I had been after some for a while. These particular ones are called Micro Battery Fairy Lights on Silver Wire and can be purchased here.

The first print was it gorgeous "Follow Your Dreams" print with a cloudy background and gold font. Perfect for my new office.

I really liked these little cards, each with their own envelope. I think I will use a two for my board but the You're Magical can defiantly go to one of my family. 

I am a major notebook hoarder and these two mini notebooks are a prefect addition to my growing collection. 

We also received this little badge which can be ironed onto clothing or whatever you want to add it too I guess. Not too sure what I will do with it, as I feel I'm a bit too old for this. 

Also featured are these really cute heart shaped bath bombs, which I think I will be keeping as blog photo props. 

We also received this extremely cute coaster "Follow Your Dreams", again perfect for my office. 

The final its in the box was some Rain Drops sweets, a perfect ending to a perfect box.

Overall I am super happy to have joined this subscription service and urge any stationary lover to join. You can even create a TreatBox for someone special too, which I think is such a great idea and it will be delivered to their door with a hand written personal note.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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