Saturday, 3 September 2016

Neals Yard Remedies to Roll, Energy & Night Time

After struggling with sleep and staying awake at work and popping caffeine pills left, right and centre; I thought I would give these a try. I have heard great things about these from fellow blogger Christie and they really work for her, so what harm would it do to try a natural remedy for my sleep depravation.
These Neals Yard roll on remedies are £6.50 each and can be purchased here or in store.

The Energy Roll on Remedy is a combination of essential oils purposely selected to boost the mind and energise the body. They claim to overcome lethargy simply by applying to your pulse points, as often as required.

I applied mine to my wrists and chest and can honestly say that this has helped me stay awake without the use of coffee or caffeine pills.

The Night Time Roll on Remedy is again a blend of essential oils specially designed to relax, unwind and prepare the body for a restful nights sleep. Again you apply this to your pulse pints before bed or whenever you want to relax.

This is helpful at times of anxiety or depression, perfect for me right now; as it is formulated to help relax and provide calmness.

I applied this to my wrists and chest again like the Energy one, however also applied it to my temples. It works great in combination with a little head massage.

Again I found this to be really helpful in my night time routine to unwind and relax for a good nights sleep.

I cannot recommend these enough to anyone struggling as I have been. They last a really long time too, having seen how much Christie has used after daily use since December, I can see these lasting a few years!


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