Friday, 23 September 2016

TreatBox September 2016

I had planned to cancel this box, due to the fact that I cannot afford to have 3 subscription boxes running, however I was one of the lucky winners to receive an extra item in this months box. So thought it was worth while to get this months box, boy was I disappointed. 

This months box is based on taking care of yourself. As you can see above the selection isn't great and the free gift was pretty naf, although pretty. It will bring me up in a rash as I allergic to fake jewellery. The only thing that actually got me excited were the prints and extra calendar print, which will be featured in upcoming boxes. Here is the free gift, a bumble bee necklace....

I will start with the good, the prints. I do love a good slogan and anything that can keep me organised, well try too. The main print says "Almost everything will  work again, If you unplug it for a few minutes, Including you" and a small one saying "Just one more page", which I have seen been used as a bookmark.

A set of four tea lights, which are lightly scented. Great for when you want to take a long soak in the bath or if you have a wax melt.

Pedicure nail set, in a cute white and gold dots. This will be gifted to someone as I already have a pedicure set from my previous My Little Box.

I am not a massive fan of flavoured teas, however did give this a try for the purpose of this post.

This is probably the second best item in the box, a Charcoal Masque. This mask works wonders on the skin and defiantly leaves you feeling very pampered.

This adult colouring set is pretty standard, with cute designs inside the book. I did think it was a nice touch for TreatBox to provide us with watercolour pencils.

Overall this months box leaves little to be desired and I am sad to say I will be sticking to not renewing my subscription, mainly due to the money aspect of it.


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