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TV Shows that should be on your Bucket List Drama Edition Part 1

This post is the first of two parts on TV in the Drama genre, well my version of drama.. I realise now that I watch a lot of TV and hope you enjoy my little reviews I shall say of each programme.

The Walking Dead

This is possibly the best post apocalyptic world, where zombies a.k.a 'The Walking Dead' are roaming the earth with only a few human beings are left on the planet. It follows an officer of the law find his way back to his family, hoping that they are still alive.. It really is such an intense series and again they are not afraid of killing off favourite characters.

The series is based on some graphic novels and they do seem to follow them in some respects, however have had to adapt the show to meet current commercial requirements.

There is a lot of blood and gore in nearly every episode with life threatening scenarios all the time. Just as you think they safe, something comes along to destroy the safe haven they have made.  

I really find this to be a nail biting, bum on the edge of the seat style programme and am constantly awaiting more.

Fear the Walking Dead

A spin off from The Walking Dead, shows the world just as the outbreak happens and what the world and members of the public do/ cope with the situation. I strongly believe that you just need to give this show the time of day and take it for it's own show and not compare it to The Walking Dead. You won't see any members from The Walking Dead, but you will really feel for the new family they follow in this series. 

Sons of Anarchy

This is much more a guy type of show, but I love it and really enjoy the story line. It follows the Sons of Anarchy in Charming California, a Motorcycle Club that is struggling to stay afloat. The VP of the group is looking to make changes to direct the club in the direction his father wanted it to go. 

There is a lot of politics that goes on and it's not all sex and drugs, there is so much going on that it will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Pretty Little Liars

This is a perfect show for those that want a lot of drama and guess work, you follow a group of friends that have a secret to hide. They get hunted by a mysterious character that uses the alias "A", I have watched all the seasons and still couldn't have guessed who "A" was. 

There are a lot of love stories and situations which keep the group close together, but not without it's struggles. This series is based on books by Sara Shepard, I personally have never read them so cannot comment on what they are like compared to the show. 


As the name states, this show is based on the Country Music in Nashville. You see two powerful women compete for the Queen of Country title, alongside that you see a lot of drama. Family revelry and the downside of being a young female in the music industry. 

I love it and it doesn't hurt that I love Country Music either, in recent series the show follows the Gay Hate in America and a Label heads struggle to help combat the ridiculous hate of it. This show is great for anyone with a morale compass that has strong beliefs of equal rights and Gay pride along side family values. 


Does what it says, this is all based on Emily Thorn's, a.k.a Amanda Clark's revenge for her Fathers wrongful arrest which lead to his supposed death. This is one that does keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat. Emily plays dangerously close to the enemy and is very stealthy in her moves, you often see flashbacks which explain her training and how she managed to get to the point she has. 

There are a lot of love triangles and friendships which lea to devastating consequences. A great watch. 

Orange is the New Black

This show is based in a women prison, with lots of lesbian stereotypes and goings on. There is a lot to be seen, with a family type network which provides many scenarios for funny and dramatic moments.  The lead character is Piper, who hands herself in, and lands her in a situation she hoped to avoid, the re-connection to her ex-girlfriend. Obviously making her current finance a ,little jealous, especially because he is a guy. You end up falling in love with a lot of characters, and the show shows a lot of back ground on many of the inmates. 

Keep an eye out for Part 2 of these TV Posts, I hope you enjoyed the read.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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