Thursday, 24 November 2016

To The A***hole that ruined it all.

Dear C You Next Tuesday,

Please don't read this in your twisted little mind as a love letter, it is not. It is simply an out let for me, because I never want to see you again and I wish you would disappear from my mind as you have from my life.

As you are unaware, you are an emotional abuser and did a lot of damage to me and Harley. From demoralising me to making me broke, to making me think I was plain crazy! I am glad to say that I am not that silly little girl anymore and I know who you are, I only wish that others could see the truth, but alas they seem to be under some sort of mind f**k spell.

I hate you for all you did and didn't do. I hate the fact that even towards the end you had me believe that you loved me and couldn't live without me; but you were actually off looking for the next victim.

You make me laugh, all the years of abuse and torrents that I could be cheating, when all along it was you. You were never faithful, you created a little puppet that hung on your every word and all the while you were off with others.

I wish you could see yourself in my eyes, maybe then you might have some shrivel or remorse. Lets not be silly though, you live in some dream land where you believe you are this upstanding citizen, even a vigilante in your screwed up head. Ha, funny how you said you don't like to watch women be beaten in movies etc. when I think if there wasn't a room full of people when you pushed me against a bar, you probably would have given me a lovely shiner.

You still find a way into my subconscious when I dream, I often wake up knowing that I had tried to win you back. It only makes me laugh, because it just shows the dynamics of our past, where I always had to strive to keep you happy and that was never going to happen.  I want you gone from every part of me, I just hope that this might give me some release, because I want to move on.

I am happy with my life, I have a home with Harley. I did that! Not you! As if I ever thought I needed you, it was you that needed me and my money!!

The only good thing that came out of all that s**t, is Harley and for that thank you for forcing me to get her. Thank you for showing me what true love and loyalty is, it's a shame you will never experience that and no matter how many girls you have on the go, you will die alone and no one will miss you.

So Good Bye and Thank you.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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