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TV Shows that should be on your Bucket List Fantasy Edition Part 2

This is Part Two of my TV recommendations. I hope you enjoy the read.
Based on the DC Comic book character, the show follows Oliver Queen come back to Starling City after being presumed dead for 5 years. He was stranded on a deserted island and hides the ways on which the experience changed him from all his friends and family. He appears to be the same billionaire rich bachelor, however by the cover of night he becomes a vigilante, in a quest to put his city back to it's former glory.
There are a lot of crossovers and guest appearances within this series, the main crossover is with the Flash. This series is very dark and is great for those after a little thrill.

The Flash
Again based on the DC Comic book character, this series follows Barry Allen, whose life changed at the small age of 11 when his Mother was killed in a freak accident which pointed the murder to his innocent father. He lives out his childhood with a family friend who becomes his step in Father.
Barry's life changes once again when he is hit by a lighting bolt from a freak storm that transformed him into a meta-human. Alongside his team he helps to fight the other meta-humans created in the storm that are hell bent of destruction. He also uses his new found abilities to track down his mothers real killer and set his father free.

DC Legends of Tomorrow
This is a spin off from both Arrow and the Flash, where a group of villains and heroes team up to save the world from a threat in the future. the team travel through time to track down the threat and bring him to justice. I would say this feels a lot like Doctor Who and a little kiddy, however it has got some action and trivial funny moments and is good if you are into comic book characters as I am.

If you haven't heard or seen this, then I am sorry, but where have you been? This series follows Clarke as a Teen through to when he finally become Superman. We see the addition of fellow characters such as the Flash, Arrow & Aqua Man.
It follows the struggles Clarke has with Lex Luther and learning to control his powers, as well as trying to lead a normal teenage life. I think this show really set a precedence for todays superhero TV.

Shadow Hunters
This series is based on the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandre Clare, and after the flunk of the Movie I was super happy that a TV show was produced to actually show the real story and history. I will admit the acting is shoddy and mediocre at best, but if you can look past that and just enjoy the books coming to life, then you'll be happy.
If you haven't read the books then you wont know that this world is overrun with supernatural beings, and Shadow hunters, are here to protect humans from what lurks ion the shadows. Shadow hunters are a human-angel hybrids, that hunt demons, Clary soon discovers that her life is about to change drastically when she uncovers the fact that she is actually a shadow hunter.

Once Upon a Time
As the name suggests this is a fairy tale TV show, however it isn't all happy endings in Storybrooke. We see the lives of many beloved childhood heroes come to life, such as the wicked queen and Snow White, in more recent shows we see more Disney Characters come to life too.
The thing I like about this show is that the stories you have been told as a child are not true here, they are a shadow of the reality, giving way for a more twisted tale!
First of all can I just say COPYCATS! This picture is a replication of The Vampire Diaries! Come on you could have made it more original!
Anyway, besides the obvious depiction and the fact that the main characters name is Elena as again the Vampire Diaries, this show is great in it's own right. Owh and whilst I am on the subject! The vampire Diaries Elena was supposed to be Blonde too! GRRR
I have to admit, I was sceptical when I first heard about this show and didn't watch it until it had been done and finished. The show only ran for 3 seasons unfortunately, but fans were given a proper ending to wrap it all up.
This is based around werewolves, where women are not normally bitten because they apparently cant endure the change, however Elena is the only female werewolf and is abit of a prize,
This show is based on a book series by Kelley Armstrong, called Women of the Otherworld.
If you liked TVD and The originals, give this a watch you wont be disappointed!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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