Monday, 26 December 2016

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation

After having Christie rave and rave about this foundation and seeing Nikkia Joy Youtuber recommend this for oily skin, I just had to get my hands on a bottle. 

I have fairly oily/ combination skin and have found that my usual foundation cannot withstand the day wear at work. I used to wear Too Faced Born This Way or Arbonne Liquid Foundation, but found that these didn't withstand much and even doing the "baking" method made it look much worse and seriously cakey.

I popped to Debenhams to get colour matched, I had looked online at a website called Findation, which is supposed to match your existing colours to the brand you want. It said that I should be a Dessert Beige, but wanted to check first. When the I spoke to the sales rep, she showed me Dessert Beige and Ecru next to one another, it was strange because Ecru actually looked lighter. Once applied though Dessert Beige was really white on my skin and just too light, but ecru was slightly darker and matched me perfectly.

I am so happy I went and tried the colours out, it's such a risk buying online without a sample. I made this mistake with the Elizabeth Arden Foundation I bought a while back.

This foundation is incredible, there really is no better adjective for it. Even under my glasses the foundation doesn't budge or smudge, and that is a true miracle for me. You don't need a lot to get full coverage, but you do need to be careful when pouring it onto your hand as there's no pump.

The formula is fairly runny, but covers well and has SPF 10 in it; but don't worry they have made it so that you don't get flash back when taking selfies. All the claims are true, won't change colour, smudge or budge, or transfer onto clothes. It stays natural looking even with high temperatures and humidity and to top it off it is water proof too.  This paired with RCMA No Colour Powder is the ultimate combination for flawless all day skin. It retails for £31.00 for 30ml, which I think is fairly standard for high end brands.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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  1. I love products by Estée Lauder. On my blog you can find my review about the stick cushion foundation by Estée Lauder that I suggest you :-)


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