Gettng Organised for 2017

Last year I didn't keep up to date with my planner and really want to make the most of this years. I have decided to go with a pretty organiser and have even bought some stickers to make it that little bit more special.

The planner I chose is the Ban.Do 2017, "I am Very Busy", with 17 months in it, starting from Aug 2016. Obviously I will only be using from Jan 17 and hope that next year they will have a planner starting from Jan. This particular planner retails for £20.00, but I managed to get mine on EBay for £12.99.

As you can see below, I have started to decorate mine with Washi tape and stickers. This is a weird name isn't it? Washi tape, I was searching for it as Wasbi tape. I love this planner because every so often there are cute little pick me up messages, the one in the below image says "You're fresher than lemonade".

The Stickers I purchased are from Etsy, Wonderland Planner. The stickers in this shop are so pretty and delicate, perfect for newbie journalists or those who have always decorated their planners. I went with some Nutcracker Planner Stickers and New Years Themed stickers.

These stickers are so cute and such the perfect size. The sheets are A5 size, and I went for a matte finish, I think it looks better and it's easier to write on. The only thing that I would like is for there to be an icons sheet, with a holiday icon and payday etc.

At the start of each month the have funky designs with inspirational writing, you also get a couple of plages for notes and a month calendar. Each month has colour coded tabs, for easy access and fun. I have tried to keep with the theme of each month and stick to that kinda colour.

I love the size, it is like having a book with you all the time. The size is prefect for writing, I always find smaller planners hard to write in. 

I am going to try and keep this with me all the time and always fill it in.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

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