Saturday, 31 December 2016

Happy New Year 2017!!!

I remember when we were coming into 2013 and so many people thought we wouldn't make it, that the world was ending! Do you remember those people praying by the pyramids? And so many people maxing out their cards.. so funny now, but here we are 2017!

Happy New Year y'all... sorry just trying to be a cowgirl, anyway I hope that the New Year brings you many happy memories and lots of new and exciting challenges.

I am not really one for resolutions and all that malarky, but I guess for myself I hope to find love and happiness. Not many people have noticed but I have been pretty miserable, it took my Mum (of all people) to notice how sad I really am for me to open up about it. Again I am not one for opening up, but I am trying to do it more. It is not good to bottle things up they just overflow and explode that way.

2016 has been a very trying year for me, I have had so many hard trials come my way. From finally realising that I need to let go of my arsehole of an ex baggage and move out for myself, which I finally did. So I moved home and have had to struggle with the bills etc. which hasn't gone very well, but that will all change this year.

In June I had a car crash which took a lot out of me and kind of put a damper on my trip to see my US family, it also made me put on a load of weight, that I am still trying to drop off. I have been doing better and not eating so much junk food.

My work life has been trying too, with a very difficult colleague, who has never given me a chance and hated me from the get go. This is why I don't have many girlfriends, I just do not meld well with other girls, women on the other hand I have no trouble with. I guess it's just maturity, I have always been older than my time. Things took a turn for the worst just before Christmas, however I think things are starting to look up and that someone has had a word with her, because she seems to be acting more like an adult. Here's hoping that carries on to the next year.

I have also been dealing with my own battle, where I cannot stop myself from being jealous of my friends, with their perfect boyfriends and new homes, that they bought. Along with their new families, I just long for that and really honestly feel as though I am not destined for that. I hope I am wrong, I hope I can find someone to love me the way I deserve after all the hurt I have had, I deserve that at least don't I?

Whilst I may have had some downs there have been some great moments too, so here are my favourite nine photos of 2016! They include some great friends, family and blog moments/ collaborations.

So here's to the New Year and to a hope of new beginnings and happiness, in whatever form they come in.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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