Saturday, 18 February 2017

Hair by Karen at Glo Norwich

I have been so bad with my hair and when I saw Karen, it was apparent that my original thought that I hadn't had my hair cut on 6 months was actually more like a year! I refuse to go to anyone else and just haven't had the time or money to visit Karen since she moved over to Glo.

Karen is an amazing Hairdresser and always does exactly what I want or better. She is so easy to talk to and it's always nice having a little hair therapy session.

I didn't want to change my style too much because I am striving to grow my hair, but I did go for an undercut and an Olaplex treatment. I had heard of Olaplaex on Youtube and from Christie, it;'s a new revolution that is hitting the hair scene like crazy.

Olaplaex can be used in hair colour or on it's own as a treatment, because I had been doing a lot of bleach and dying on my hair I had pretty much destroyed my ends and even when Karen was cutting the ends she said it was like gum, so stringy.

Olaplaex is a 3 step treatment, No.1 is applied first on wet hair or in hair dye, the Bond Multiplier. It works by rebuilding the broken bonds and begins to repair and prevent damage.
No.2 is the Bond Perfector, which is applied after the hair is shampooed or the hair colour is removed. It helps to bond the hair back together and continues to repair any broken bonds, which leaves smooth and shiny hair. No.3 is the at home treatment which you can buy online, it is useless without the first two parts and should be one weekly between chemical treatment or your next Olaplaex treatment.

I can honestly say that the Olaplaex treat saved my hair, it is so much stronger and softer than before, and the ends aren't broken or strangely anymore. It is a miracle.

Karen did a wonderful job, without cutting off too much length, although I knew I couldn't get away with a tiny trim. She was worried about doing the undercut, but once she got stuck in she felt more confident and did an amazing piece.

As always I am happy with Karen's work and would happily recommend her to anyone.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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