Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Why I think Social Media is ruining our lives

Social Media has been around for a lot of years now and whilst I think it was originally created with the best intentions as all things are, it really isn't used like that these days. 

With the recent terrorists attack in London, it has taken the whole issue to a new level for me personally. I don't want to take away from the fact that it was a tragedy and my thoughts go out to all the family and loved ones of all those involved, but that does not excuse the behaviour of those towards this poor woman. 

To be fair, people tell me there's footage of her helping victims, so the fact she's been turned into a meme is unfair.

Here's my point about Social Media being a force of evil, the person that took the time to take a picture of this woman, just to speculate that she was somehow involved rather than a scared round woman calling her family or friends to let them know she was okay. 

I was happy to see from pretty52 that the woman in the photo above hit back with the below statement. 

"I'm shocked and totally dismayed at how a picture of me is being circulated on social media.
To those individuals who have interpreted and commented on what my thoughts were in that horrific and distressful moment, I would like to say not only have I been devastated by witnessing the aftermath of a shocking and numbing terror attack, I've also had to deal with the shock of finding my picture plastered all over social media by those who could not look beyond my attire, who draw conclusions based on hate and xenophobia.
My thoughts at that moment were one of sadness, fear, and concern.
What the image does not show is that I had talked to other witnesses to try and find out what was happening, to see if I could be of any help, even though enough people were at the scene tending to the victims.
I then decided to call my family to say that I was fine and was making my way home from work, assisting a lady along the way by helping her get to Waterloo station.
My thoughts go out to all the victims and their families. I would like to thank Jamie Lorriman, the photographer who took the picture, for speaking to the media in my defence."

My point here is that people are so nasty and vindictive, I understand that a lot of muslims are behind these tourists attacks, but that doesn't mean that all muslims are terrorists. London has a large population of muslims, so it wouldn't have been strange for this poor woman to have been involved in the tragedy that struck London the 22.03.17. 

The fact that a photo has been plastered all over the internet and small minded people have picked it apart with such vial comments, when in reality she is just doing what anyone of us would have done. 

How could she have helped the victims on the ground? They already had a large group of people around them, when in my experience a hurt person in need of first aid does not need to be swarmed by more people. I would have understood people getting angry if she had of walked passed and there was no one helping the victim on the ground, but that wasn't the case. 

People need to just look past race and religion and just see the person. We need to go back to using Social Media for fun, and communicating with friends and family that live far away.

What are your views on this subject?  

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Saturday, 25 March 2017

My Little Box March 2017 #nofilter Edition

This months My Little Box was amazing, and I know I say it every single month, but my god do I LOVE this subscription box. The theme this month is one that I hold dear to my heart #NOFILTER, a great ideal I think a lot of us forget about, because beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! 


They swapped the box for a large make-up/ wash bag which is always handy and in this case very pretty. I have it propped up with all my other make-up and will use it to store an overflow of stuff.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Barry Alan Blow Dry Bar*

Having never had a Blow Dry treatment before I was super excited to see what it was all about. Barry Alan Hair Salon are an award winning salon based in the heart of Norwich, they pride themselves on their wealth of experience and personal customer service.

They offer a Blow Dry Bar for those just wanting to have a little pamper, for a special occasion or for group events. A great idea for Hen nights or Birthdays! Prices start from £15, with additional extras on top. I wanted a vintage style and this would have cost £15 for the Blow Dry and an additional £15 for the style.

Monday, 20 March 2017

No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation

I love my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, but you do have to use a lot because it drys quickly and with it being very expensive I can't justify it for every day use. Especially not for work, where lets be honest no one sees me there than work colleagues and who am I trying to impress there??

As a girl we still like to look nice, so not wearing make-up is out of the question. I have extremely pale skin too, so if I didn't wear foundation I would look pretty sick. So I wet on the hunt for  cheaper foundation.

Friday, 17 March 2017

A Mothers Day Gift in Collaboration with Johnny Loves Rosie*

With Mothers Day creeping up on us I always wonder what to get?  There are the standard flowers and chocolates, but that does get rather boring after a while. When I was offered the chance to review an exclusive watch from Johnny Loves Rosie, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine it as a Mothers Day gift post.


Tuesday, 14 March 2017

My Flat Lay Progress

I dont profess to be some amazing photographer or know what I am doing. I have just researched a lot of flat lays online, looked through lots of feed and experimented a lot. The progress I have made in the past 6 months or so is pretty impressive, yes I am blowing my own trumpet, because if we don't then who else will!

So here's what some of flat lays look like now.

Here's what they did look like. 

So here are my tips for perfecting the flat lay, first of all know that it will take time to learn. You will have to practice and research and find your style. Your perfect may not be someone else perfect, so as long as you know all that you will prevail!

Props & Colour
Use everything and anything. Succulents are great for props, so are flowers which you can pick from your garden or out on walks. You can get fake diamond jewels and rose petals from Ebay, as well as fairy lights. 

Try to stick with a colour theme, even if it's not all the same try to keep to mainly one theme. 

If you're after the marble background you can get this from Wilko for just £5, it's just sticky back plastic that you roll out and voila you have a pretty background. 

Use natural lighting as much as you can, if you can't create your own with whatever you have. If you have the money to buy a lighting set then go ahead. I don't so I have to take my photos at certain times of the day and get creative with my lights. 

Set everything out, consider what shape you want you photo to be, then one onto placement. Create symmetry on both sides of the frame and space between all your pieces. Don't be afraid to have a clean layout with a few items or an organised clutter. 

Tell Your Story
Pick a theme because your photos are meant to tell a story, whether it be this is what my face insists of or I wish I was at home reading a mag with a cuppa in hand. The point is that you want it to speak to people, and grab their eye.

Good photo editing apps are essential. I use Enlight religiously, it is amazing. 

Remember research, play about with your ideas and have fun!

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

TreatBox March 2017

I haven't had a TreatBox in a while, because I found that it wasn't really of me. By some error I had accidentally postponed my subscription till this month and not actually cancelled it, so received this months box. This months box seemed to be themed around bees, which is a spring kind of theme I suppose.


Monday, 6 March 2017

Love Me Beauty February 2017

I am not a massive fan of Love Me Beauty, but my Kat Von D Eyeliner ran out and their February edit was packed with Kat Von D, do how could I resist. Especially when I have been dieing to try one of the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.

I have already tried and tested the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner & Ink Liner, I can't really tell the difference between these two. They both last all day, apply precisely and are very highly pigmented. I don't think I could ever go bag to drug store liners, honestly high end branded liners are so much better!

I had high hopes for the Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, in Santa Sangre, but its bled and just kept smudging! I think I am going to stick to Too Faced Melted Matte, because that is simply the best lipstick of them all! Honestly I was devastated.

Because I only had a few credits left I chose to go for these Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Modern Matte Lipstick Samples. I can't say I am that impressed with them. I don't know if its that they are in very small sample size, so you can't get a decent idea of the staying power, but they didn't stay on that long. The colours are pretty though and moisturising.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


Thursday, 2 March 2017

My Story so Far

If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I have been in a string of bad relationships.

The guy I was with for 4 years (on and off) was an abusive c**t, and as hard as it is for me I cannot seem to get over all the things that happened. My mind is damaged and I find it hard to open up to men, my mind instantly goes to that I need to make them happy and do whatever they want. Whether it makes me uncomfortable or not. I know not all guys are the same, however that doesn't help when you are trying to date someone. How are you supposed to explain this type of mental damage to someone you have only just met, I know you don't have to spill it all on the first date; but when it comes to later on in dating and sex, it would be kind of important to have them understand you.

Last year (I think) I started seeing someone from work, and it was all about sex. Whilst this was ok for the present I soon wanted to see if it could be more. That proved to be an issue, he seemed to be just as manipulative as my ex. with little things, like on a works lunch, he got angry with me because I didn't sit next to him... he didn't want anyone at work knowing and also what did it matter? We weren't even dating. I asked him to come to a friends BBQ, but even this seemed to be too much trouble for him. Little comments such as saying "I love you" to my brother was considered to be incestual to him. Needless to say that ended when I could.

I stayed away from men for a very long time after this and have only just started to date again.   

Dating is always hard and I haven't ever really dated, so starting to date now is actually very hard for me. I haven't been able to really click with anyone since the major mind fuck and even the one guy I did click with lived over 4 hours away.

I have also started to get used to living on my own and am getting a little set in my ways. I like that I have my time with Harley and sleeping with her in bed. I don't want someone to come along and change that, I want someone to fit in with that.

Since I have started writing this I have realised a few things that I need to stop comparing my life to my friends, yes they may have homes and babies. But are they actually happy?  Truthfully no I don't think they are completely happy. One friend is stuck in a relationship similar to the one I escaped but is now trapped with a young baby, so why was I comparing my life to hers and letting myself get upset at the fact that I haven't got a child?

I have also had the attention of a few men that are unavailable.. as in they are already in relationships or married. This in itself is totally unfair to me and their partner. To be perfectly clear I have in no way lead these people on, and just speak to them as I would any other friend, but somehow they take it as me flirting. It makes me angry and upset that men have such little respect for me that they would much rather ruin our friendship than just be honourable men. I guess that's the main problem nowadays isn't it.. there are no honourable men any more.  

This leads me to where I am currently, which is right where I started. Single, and this time I am quite content and happy with it. Be happy in your own company and don't conform to the highlight reel of others lives and relationships.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

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