Thursday, 23 March 2017

Barry Alan Blow Dry Bar*

Having never had a Blow Dry treatment before I was super excited to see what it was all about. Barry Alan Hair Salon are an award winning salon based in the heart of Norwich, they pride themselves on their wealth of experience and personal customer service.

They offer a Blow Dry Bar for those just wanting to have a little pamper, for a special occasion or for group events. A great idea for Hen nights or Birthdays! Prices start from £15, with additional extras on top. I wanted a vintage style and this would have cost £15 for the Blow Dry and an additional £15 for the style.

On arrival I was greeted by the lovely team and was initially going to be treated by Barry himself, until I mentioned that I wanted to go for a vintage style. This is where I met the gorgeous Lydia, a girl after my own heart, rocking a cool vintage hairstyle and look.

I was joined by two other bloggers, Jemima Chatfield & Farewell May. The team worked in unison to get us all glam together, which I think is an achievement in itself.

Lydia was amazing and walked me through each step so that I could recreate the look at home. I have done vintage styles at home before, but she has not taught me a simpler method, I will be forever grateful!

First up we all had our hair washed and Lydia kindly gave my hair a deep moisture treatment, with their keratin shampoo & conditioner due to my ends being like gum. The wash was very relaxing and I was treated to a mini head massage, just what you need after a busy day at work.

Next step was to start the styling, Lydia first applied some product. Barry Alan Elements Cream, which is designed to provide hold to the style and also conditions the hair with 3 essential oils.

She then proceeded to start the styling by first getting most of the moisture out, by blasting the hair, but not drying it completely. Once she was happy with this, she started to separate the hair arranging it around me parting. Due to the style I wanted a Blow Dry alone wouldn't be able to achieve it, so Lydia was going to use the Blow Dry session to create volume in the hair.

To create volume in your own hair, it is probably easiest to dry your hair upside down. If you have a helping hand or are extremely talented or double jointed, then you can create volume by lifting the hair up as you dry, the more you lift the more volume you get.
Once the hair was all dry and va va voom, we could move onto the curling. Lydia taught me that depending on how you want your victory roll to sit will determine which direction the curls should go in. So if you want your victory roll to roll into your face, then the hair closest to that should roll into the face. The hair on the smaller part of the parting (so away from the victory roll) should roll away from the face. So all the curls go in one direction.
She created the curls using straighteners, again doing this in small sections. Once done she brushed them out lightly and set them with hairspray and teased around the victory roll area. 

The victory roll is a little difficult to describe, but the best way to create it is to follow the curl roll it in the direction of the curl towards your face (if you want it that way) then pin and play.

The hairstyle stayed in for a couple of days, I did have to re-pin the victory roll, but that is pretty incredible.

I honestly love it and have found such a wonderful person, whom I have booked an appointment with Lydia to sort out my stringy ends, so am looking forward to that. I never expected to find someone I genuinely liked and really connected with.

* I received this treatment from Barry Alan Hair Salon Norwich in association with Social Network Solutions for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


  1. this is really badly written. like a poor gcse standard

  2. It's funny that you're commenting on my style of writing. Yet, you clearly haven't ever heard of a capital letter before...


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