Thursday, 6 April 2017

Primark PS Pro Large Oval Blending Brush

I have been meaning to get my hands on one of these brushes for a while now, and due to not working in the city centre it is hard to get a chance to pop in. So this weekend when I had my hair booked in I finally had the chance, boy am I glad that I did. For only £4.00, for seriously cannot go wrong.

The hairs are synthetic, but super soft and very dense. I cannot believe how easy it is to apply my foundation and how air brushed my skin looks. You just need to kind of swipe it and blend it in, I find that dotting my foundation on my face then blending it in works best for me. The handle is flexible too, which makes it easy to get into those hard to reach areas.

Cleaning the brush was standard and it didn't change shape which is always good. I would advise drying it face down, so that the glue doesn't get wet or loose.

For just £4.00 I think this brush is a steal! Have you tried these brushes yet?

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