Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Palmers Creamy Cleanser & Makeup Remover Review

After trying and falling for the Tropic Soothing Cleanser  I have been finding myself looking at my products more closely and being more conscious of what is actually in them. I would love to be able to get more of the Tropic cleanser, however it is just a little too pricey for me at present. Hence my search for a more purse friendly cleanser, that is also kind to your skin and body. 

This cleanser retails for just £5.49, which I think is pretty reasonable for the size of the bottle and quality of the product.  It is Paraben, Phthalate and Dye free, all great for my aim of trying to be better to my body with what I am putting on my skin.

Friday, 19 May 2017

First Quarter Lookback

So I know I usually do a monthly lookback, but to be honest my life got pretty boring. I got pretty low and didn't really have much to say, so there wasn't much reason in doing a monthly lookback.
Finally I have something to say because I am actually happy and am out of my rut!

I wouldn't say that I am out of my writers block, I still don't have the same passion for writing as I did before but I am sure that will come back, once I know what style I want to write in. I just don't think I want to focus so much on beauty anymore.

Blog/ Social Media
Over the last few months I have taken my Instagram to a whole new level and really pushed my photo game. This has really helped to grow my followers and communication.

I have been invited to a few events one of which was the Barry Alan Blow Dry Bar, this was such fun night and I loved getting  cool vintage hairstyle!

I also went to a vintage fair with the gorgeous Christie from Christies Lifestyle. It was a little disappointing, as we finished it in less than an hour, however we wondered around the city just to spend some time together. It was a really nice day and was so nice to catch up. 

Life/ Love
I was pushed to meet some new people by my brother of all people, he prompted me to talk to his housemate Nadia. A lovely Latvian girl, who has quickly become a dear friend to me. We get on very well and have a lot of the same views on female friends. 

By association I also got to hang out with his other housemates, who are all Polish. Listening to them has given me a greater appreciation for how hard English is to learn and how amazing it is that they have learnt it! Seriously they are incredible people. I am going to learn Polish *watch this space*.

I actually went out to a Metal Fest (Thrashers) at the Brickmakers in Norwich (first timer alert!), which was pretty good. I am not keen on the rarrr screaming, but the music/ acoustics I like. 

Getting myself out there has really changed my whole being, I am so much happier and generally better in myself. Lets not forget I have met someone I like.... it's very very early days, but seriously I didn't expect it to creep up on me like this! I feel like a teenage girl, all giggly and I can't stop thinking abut him.. seriously I didn't think I would ever feel like this again! 

He actually managed to get me to sing!! Me.. Can you believe it! Seems crazy really.. So anyway I guess you should watch this space 🙈.

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

Romanovs Views xoxo

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Primark PS Pro Silicone Sponge Review

Silicone make-up sponges have been blowing up on the internet and youtube for a while now, and have even sparked a whole range of weird ways to apply foundation. From boiled eggs, bra inserts, condoms to filled water balloons. Honestly whatever next! 

So when I saw these in Primark for just £2.00 I had to snatch them up and give them a try. I had wanted to give this trend a go for a while, I just wasn't willing to pay heaven and earth for a silicone sponge.

These are a little harder to use than brushes or beauty blenders, because you can't easily get into hard to reach areas, such as between your eyes/ top of your nose area. However with a little practice and blending with your finger you're away.

I found that the coverage with these sponges are so much better than with brushes/ beauty blenders and obviously you use so much less product, because it's not soaking into the sponge.

The best way to apply it for me way to do a mix of swiping and patting. They are super easy to clean too, simply wash with water and a little soap and dry. No special cleanser required.

I have had trouble using  my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the past, because it drys very quickly, however with the silicone sponge it blended seamlessly using a lot less product.

You can safely assume I have been converted to silicone sponges, especially at this price.

Have you tried out these sponges? What are your thoughts?

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

Romanovs Views xoxo

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

My Little Box April 2017 Garden Edition

Every month I look forward to My Little Box delivery, sadly this month left me a little "meh" that's the best way to describe it in my mind. I know a lot of people were moaning because they got a duplicate item, but to be honest I was more annoyed that my previous fake tan was running out.

The main thing that sprung out to me was that the team didn't really do too well at making everything match in with the theme. The shopping list for example, doesn't exactly say garden to me. 

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Barry Alan Hair Care Products

After my recent experience at the Barry Alan Blow Dry Bar, I was so blown away by the strength of the products that I had to get them for myself. Especially with a 3 for 2 offer on. 

Elements is a wearable styling/ conditioning treatment, that restores your hairs natural condition as it contains three essential oils. Wheat Germ and Argan Oil and Fruit Oils, in addition to these oils it also contains a mousse which helps to maintain the style of your hair; whether it's curls or straight. For a price of £14.80 I think this is a must have, it helps to keep my hair in place for days and has replaced my standard Argan Oil. My hair feels luscious and super healthy. 

Best used on wet hair, rub 1-2 pumps in your hand and then apply to the mid-length and ends of the hair. Blow or air dry as required, but never apply to the roots, as this product is a little to thick for this type of application. 

Liquid Gloss is a gloss treatment that also doubles as a heat protector, perfect for those of us that use heat on our hair. Since using this product my hair has been so soft and shiny, with less flyaways, costing only £8.20. 

This can be mixed with Elements, however I found that it is better to use alone as you can apply it to the roots. Best applied to wet hair, as with elements rub a few pumps into your hands and apply it to the lengths of your hair, from roots to tip. If You need to tame extra flyaways once styled you can use a small amount of Liquid Gloss. 

Blow Drying Spray, perfect for all hair types that provides medium hold and gentle conditioning. Priced at £8.90 this beauty helps to prolong your style, by applying it generously to wet hair and combing through prior to styling. 

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

Romanovs Views xoxo
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