Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Primark PS Pro Silicone Sponge Review

Silicone make-up sponges have been blowing up on the internet and youtube for a while now, and have even sparked a whole range of weird ways to apply foundation. From boiled eggs, bra inserts, condoms to filled water balloons. Honestly whatever next! 

So when I saw these in Primark for just £2.00 I had to snatch them up and give them a try. I had wanted to give this trend a go for a while, I just wasn't willing to pay heaven and earth for a silicone sponge.

These are a little harder to use than brushes or beauty blenders, because you can't easily get into hard to reach areas, such as between your eyes/ top of your nose area. However with a little practice and blending with your finger you're away.

I found that the coverage with these sponges are so much better than with brushes/ beauty blenders and obviously you use so much less product, because it's not soaking into the sponge.

The best way to apply it for me way to do a mix of swiping and patting. They are super easy to clean too, simply wash with water and a little soap and dry. No special cleanser required.

I have had trouble using  my Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in the past, because it drys very quickly, however with the silicone sponge it blended seamlessly using a lot less product.

You can safely assume I have been converted to silicone sponges, especially at this price.

Have you tried out these sponges? What are your thoughts?

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