Tuesday, 4 July 2017

My New love hate relationship for Coeliac Diesease

I have been a Coeliac for well over 6 years now, and have made peace with it even when it can still be difficult at times for me to eat out etc. I keep to a strict diet and try to keep all my vitamins, calcium and iron up too. I thought that I had been doing pretty well, especially when I had a bone density scan which all came back fine; however I was still getting increasingly fatigued.

The doctors finally tested for more than a standard blood test, after about three normal ones I might add, where they checked my Vitamin D levels. Well low and behold they found that I was low.

Typically I was found to be insufficient not deficient so I didn't qualify for a prescription.

Vitamin D is supposed to help your body absorb calcium, so obviously this worried me a little but not much can be done about the past, but there can now. So I am on a high dose of Vitamin D everyday.

I have done some research and looked into the causes of becoming low on Vitamin D, and guess what none apply to me?
  • Wearing high Sunscreen, 
  • Not spending enough time outside, 
  • Having darkly pigmented skin, which won't absorb the sun rays as well, 
  • Exclusively breastfeeding babies for prolonged time periods, 
  • Being obese.
Then again the typical causes didn't include Coeliac Disease, which is likely why I am low.
It has been recorded that 70% of Coeliacs even after diagnosis are likely to be low in Vitamin D.

Everyone reacts differently so not everyone will have the same symptoms, but here are the common ones:
  • Difficulty thinking clearly, 
  • Bone pain, 
  • Frequent bone fractures, 
  • Muscle weakness, 
  • Soft bones that may lead to deformities, 
  • Unexplained fatigue, 
  • Unexplained weight gain.
I had been extremely tired for well over a year, where I was almost falling asleep at work, having to go to sleep at 7-8pm in the evenings and struggling to wake up in the mornings. I had also put on some weight which I couldn't shift, that many people told me was just my age. Since being on a high dose of Vitamin D everyday for about 2 months, I have now lost the excess weight and am feeling much more awake. 

It is great to have my energy back and to feel like myself again, to be able to do things again. 

I just find it hard to accept my Coeliac Disease when it throws me curve balls like this every so often. 
Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.

Romanovs Views xoxo

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