Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The New Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Review*

The lovely Lydia from Lydias Hair and Beauty offered me a free blow dry using the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer from John Lewis in Norwich.  She is passionate about the benefits of using the Supersonic and wanted to show me the styling power of it.

So what makes the Supersonic so great?
For one it is super light when it is on, meaning that you wont get arm ache when blow drying. Great for those with lots of hair, maybe one day for me.. The technology transfers the air somehow making it more balanced and air light.

It measures the air temperature 20 times a second in order to regulate the heat and keep it low. Preventing heat damage to your hair and protecting your hairs natural shine. This also means that you can apply the heat close to your scalp for precise styling without burning yourself.

The built in focused jet enables precise air flow for quicker drying time and easier styling, that also amplifies volume too. This is great for hairdressers as they could fit in more clients in one day or even shorten their day if they chose too, whilst keeping the same amount of clients.

All the attachments are magnetic, so snap to the front of the device with ease. They have been created with a dual layer meaning that you can touch the applicators even after you have been drying you hair for a long period, as they wont be too hot to touch. Perfect for if you want to change your style.

To get started you simply need to slide the switch to the 'on' position, then adjust the heat and speed with the two buttons on the back on the dryer. There are four settings for each, which are indicated by led lights. These are fairly easy to use, but you wouldn't be able to easily find them when actually drying your hair as they are so small. 

The one major thing I will say is that I did notice an incredible difference in the amount of shine my hair had after using the supersonic, as you can see from the images below. Left is before use and right is after. Frizz is also reduced which surprised me, considering I had no product in my hair what so ever!

Lydia, was able to create several style in a short amount of time, even ending on a Chelsea Pin Up Blow Dry, which looked even more stunning in person. The photos do not do it justice. I still cannot believe how well it stayed in and styled with literally no product other than tap water to dampen my hair.

My Verdict
I am really impressed with the Dyson Supersonic, however I wish I could have had a longer trial with one because £300.00 is steep! If there was an offer on, or some scheme then I am sure I would take the plunge because the benefits do out way the cost. That said it is a hair dryer and although it does come with a 2 year warrantee hair dryers are known to break after a few years. Do you really want to be paying out £300.00 every 3-4 years?

It is tempting when you try something that is very high end but unfortunately I just don't have the budget to justify it, that said if you do then it could very well replace your straighteners on a day to day basis. Not entirely though, as the supersonic cannot achieve those really curly pin up styles.

Have you tried the Supersonic? What are your thoughts?

* This is not a sponsored post however I got to try the product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback, all my views and opinions are my own and have not been influenced in anyway. Please see my Disclaimer for more information.

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