Tuesday, 3 October 2017

7 Years Diagnosed Coeliac and My Hairs Falling Out, Nails are Yellow and I've lost a Shit Tonne of Weight

As you may well know back in April time I finally found out that I was Vitamin D deficient, I started taking supplements and started to feel better. Let's not be silly though, that was short lived!

I had started to lose some excess weight over two months which I thought was fairly normal, and linked to the Vitamin D thing, but here's the thing it carried on coming off. Rapidly! I dropped from a size 10 to a size 6 in about 4 months, I hadn't changed my diet or exercise in anyway.

Even now I am still dropping weight, clothes that fit me a month ago are now loose, the doctor I was seeing reviewed my weight and just said that I looked like I was going back to what was a "normal" weight for me. No concern for the fact that I am continuing to lose weight?

Just a side note, but since loosing all this weight I have found that I have a greater appreciation for those that are weight conscious. I do not like my body right now, I feel like I am too slim and am immensely aware of the fact that I am continuing to get more slim. When you have ignorant people tell you that they wish they could lose weight like you or if they ate only meat and veg that they would be skinny, then it really gets my back up! Look Love I do not want to be like this, I do not now why I am loosing this weight and I do not appreciate you commenting on it.

Along side this my hair had started to thin and fall out. Every time I wash my hair I literally get a handful of hair, do you know how scary that is? Sure that might not be much but accumulated every time I wash my hair that is a lot of hair to lose.

My nails looked all yellow and brittle. They had started to come away from the skin all the way down to the nail bed, almost falling off. There was also some fungal looking stuff under the nail beds, which led me to thunk it was simply a fungal infection.

The doctor thought so too, so did a test, which low and behold came back negative. With that in mind I was then referred to the dermatologist for my hair and nails, they were pretty stumped too. So again they ran some more bloods, for Zinc this time, and another fungal test.

Guess what??? They both came back fine!!!! It's kind of hard to be optimistic about these results, and most people don't understand why I am not super happy about it. Well the more and more they do tests and the more they come back normal, the more in-depth tests they are going to have to do.  It also makes me think what the FRICK is wrong with me!!!!

So after seeing the Dermatologist again, who by the way actually seemed to care and listen to me, said that there is nothing dermatologistically (yes I think I made that word up) wrong with my hair/nails/weight but there is defiantly something wrong. He thinks it is all linked to my Coeliacs Disease and has now referred me back to the Gastro Clinic.

Where I will undoubtedly have to undergo further tests, including the endoscopy again. Whoop! I am now waiting on the hospital to get back to me.

I am so worried and concerned about what it could be and just hope that my hair doesn't fall out completely. I know that is a little vein but come on we all love our hair don't we?

Always be kind, you never know what personal battle people are fighting.


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